Pope plans to interfere in Mexican presidential race as well as US election

Many people in the US are now aware that the Catholic Church and its ex-Nazi Pope is now running against the Obama Administration claiming that the Democratic Party boss wants the Federal government to religiously discriminate against ‘people of Faith’. Of course that is all a crock coming from these top Catholic child molesting creeps. One has come to expect total dishonesty from the Catholic Church hierarchy already, but few American citizens also know that The Pope is trying to interfere in the Mexican presidential elections less than 4 months away, too. And on the side of Right Wing reaction as always is the case with Ratzinger, the ex NAZI Pope.

See this Mexican elections’ analysis, where it is stated that ‘With its core conservative base, the PAN will naturally seek to benefit from the visit of Pope Benedict XVI later this month (of March).’Battle Lines Drawn in Mexico’s Election YES, the Catholic Church boss priests are always on the wrong side of political battles, and in Mexico it is no different than it is in any other country. We need them out of politics altogether, or perhaps the public needs to END their tax exempt status? Now that’s an idea whose time has come. And let’s end their priesthood getting all their GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards.

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