Ron Paul and Ralph Nader: the ‘Ayn Rand of Fox News’ connection – SICKO!

So just who calls himself ‘the Ayn Rand of Fox News’ and loves Milton Friedman? A guy named Andrew Napolitano does, and he, according to the Ron Paul website itself, was voted by Ron Paulers overwhelming as their favorite choice to be Ron Paul’s vice presidential running mate! Go to and see it for yourself. But now just where does Ralph Nader come into this sad mix?

It seems that Ralph Nader has been pushing not even for a return into the Democratic Party as a Democrat to run in opposition to Barack Obama, as he did earlier on in the presidential race. Instead, he has been busy pushing for Ron Paul’s Republican Party candidacy! In a recent issue of Time Magazine, he was seen telling the reader that Ron Paul was one of the world’s 100 most influential people! SICKO!

I wonder if the people of China and India know how important Ron Paul is? I wonder if Mexicans do? Is Ralph Nader catching some sort of dementia in his golden years? Inquiring minds would like to know… One of the most 100 influential people inthe world? EGADS! Spare us this nonsense, Ralph.

And how soon will it now be that Ron Paul completely rolls himself into the Mitt Romney for President push? Two Party dictatroship turns the whole selection day show into a circus and our US First folk into just so many saddening clowns. What would it take for us to turn the US into a real democracy? Why it would take us! And it would take us giving up on this charade of being a two party only society. Apparently this is something Ralph Nader has gotten kind of mixed up about…. Go figure?

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