The Russians kicked the Nazis’ ass; will they have to kick the US govt’s ass too?

May 9 is one of the biggest holidays in Russia, commemorating the day the Nazis got their ass kicked by the Soviet Union in WW2. See a film of this year’s celebration in Red Square… Goodbye Nazis .. of some interest to us dazed and dozing Americans, have been the multiple threats by Russia’s government in this month of May leading up to the celebration, to launch a preemptive strike against our own US government and its allies! Pay attention, Comrades!

from article Russia marks 67th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

‘During a short speech to thousands of servicemen and guests, Putin declared that the country is a force for world security and that Russia will stand up for its positions in the international arena.

“Russia consistently carries out a politics of strengthening security in the world and we have a great moral right to stand up for our positions in a principled and determined way,” he said.

The comment comes a week after a top Russian military official threatened to carry out a preemptive strike in Eastern Europe if Washington went ahead with its controversial plan to build a missile system and refused to engage in constructive dialog over the issue.’

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