Taliban tries to kill 14-yr-old girl in Pakistan, but who is most responsible for setting Women’s Rights back in the Muslim World?

The fact that the Muslim Right Wing fanatics try to kill young women does not mean that the Pentagon and US government’s hands are in any way clean in the battle to advance women’s rights in the Muslim World. Far from it. The US has been the destroyer of Women’s Rights in this broad region, destroying regimes where women had more rights than in their own neighboring countries. This began way back when the US armed Osama bin Laden to fight against the Soviet Union and its pro women’s rights Afghan government ally, then continued into the overthrow of the Hussein regime in Iraq, where women had a much higher status and more opportunities than in the Arab countries whose governments ally with the Pentagon. And so it continued in Libya, where Gaddafi despite all his many faults, had much improved the lot of women. Already the elevated status of Libyan women begins to sink back into what the Right Wing Islamic clergy will start to decree.

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