The Three Republican Stooges (plus one) versus Obama?

The Three Stooges (plus one) came to Colorado for a few days, and Gosh what a crew of total losers these Republicans certainly seem to be! But are they really? I mean the polls do show that Mitt Romney (Moe) running against Obama would now actually get close to 50% of the total vote. Ugly!

How have the Democrats managed to rehab the Grand Ol’ Party of Stooges to that extreme degree? Good work, President! Obama, you would probably even lose the next presidential election even if Dubya was running against you at this point. And that’s no small accomplishment if you ask us, since you told us CHANGE was on the way and it definitely was. But it’s just not the change that we really all wanted!

You, Obama, have actually (once again) made the Republican Party now look attractive to many many lost Americans, though that’s certainly ‘CHANGE’ I personally can’t believe in. Were you perhaps once talking about just giving us some loose change? That’s all that the American people really have to show for in their pockets from 4 years of your neoClintonite Administration.

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