US corporate media wishes that the Occupy Movement was dead already

‘The Occupy Wall Street group in New York is running low on money and on pace to run out by the end of the month, raising questions about the future of the movement that sparked a wave of nationwide protests against economic injustice six months ago.’ and so goes Reuters droning on about how The Occupy Movement is supposedly dead and dying. But is that really true, or does Occupy still have life let in it ready to deliver a kick to The ruling class Establishment?

‘Critics say the Occupy movement lacks demands and direction and has lost momentum. Occupy protest crowds in New York and other U.S. cities have tended to number in the hundreds rather than thousands, despite the group’s social media savvy.’

Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes… Reuters International! The protests about Capitalism destroying our country and the entire Planet Earth for that matter must be dismissed, dismissed, dismissed. …and dissed, dissed, dissed. It’s the very exact same thing here in wonderful Colorado Springs below the majestic Pikes Peak. The complaint locally is that Occupy Colorado Springs is ‘anti-soldier’ because some of the members in the local group have spoken the truth about US militarism, the US military, and YES, about the very many soldiers that make up our Establishment’s soldiers of occupation in foreign countries.

After dissing the Occupy Movement, Reuters moves on to admit some of the truth about Occupy Wall Street…

‘Funding had also been used for a “people’s kitchen” that feeds protesters and the homeless in Zuccotti Park most days and for street medics, who treat people injured during protests.

“We also do have a lot planned for the spring and we fully expect the money will start flowing in again,” she said.

A March 17 march is planned to mark the group’s six-month anniversary, and Needham said there would also be “Occupy the Fundraisers” protests against money in politics, a March 24 protest against the fossil fuel industry’s spending on lobbyists and an April 25 protest against U.S. student debt hitting $1 trillion.’

Looks like Occupy has some activities planned for and against the political Establishment after all. So it might be way too early to dismiss the Occupy as being nothing more than a failed organization of the past, most especially when the Two Party corporate dictatorship has nothing to offer up the nation but just more lies, unemployment and a growing austerity.

The misleading and dismissive Reuters reporting is from Occupy Wall Street in New York running low on cash. CASH is considered everything by Reuters International and the super rich 1% whom they write for. They WOULD begin to panic if their cash was to run low.

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2 Responses to US corporate media wishes that the Occupy Movement was dead already

  1. Avatar Knee Slapper says:

    What will Occupy or any other protesting group be able to accomplish with the Anti Protesting Bill passed?

    Not purely being flip, I’m genuinely curious.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Good question, and I don’t know. It is obvious that what should be legal protests are becoming more and more dangerous to participate in when they are anti-Establishment. This is a trend that probably will intensify much more than it already has. The US ruling class is becoming much more like that of a Banana State military dictatorship, 2 supposedly separate parties or not.

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