The US military has created a growing arms race in Asia

The direct result of US occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan is to have created a growing arms race in Asia aimed against both China and Russia. India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Australia, and the Philippines are also key players involved in this US strategy of moving in an aggressively militaristic manner against Russia and China in Asia. Many observers of all political persuasions have taken note of the increased militarization and new battle lines drawn up by the Pentagon and D.C. We will list a few of them next…

The World from Berlin 'The Asian Arms Race Is Starting to Look Ominous' and US missile shield fosters Asian arms race are just two among many many analyses of this new Asian arms race created by the US military.

The Barack Administration and the Democratic Party claim to be for Peace worldwide, but instead are promoting dangerous new arms race that potentially could start a nuclear war. In doing this, they have the complete support of the republican Party, including the supposedly independently oriented Ron Paul crowd. Americans are being led down a dangerous road, all because so many of us are unwilling to give up the RahRahRah! brainwashing instilled in us as kids. What are we all supposedly defending in the world?

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