US military still trains Guatemalan squad infamous for committing the worst ever genocide in North America

Not only do US soldiers have a mission to kill kids themselves, they also train other countries’ soldiers to kill kids. That’s right, and every American should know the truth about US armed forces and the training they give worldwide to other military units also killing children.

See below (from the US Marine Corps website itself) the US Marine Corps bragging about the role US Marine troops themselves play in organizing the genocidal Kaibiles of Guatemala, a group of soldiers who are also now know to be supplying US military know how to the Mexican drug cartel called the Zetas. (US) Marines Sweat It Out With Guatemalan Kaibiles.

The Kaibiles were in the news just yesterday, too, for having one of their troops given a 6,060 year prison sentence for only one genocidal mass murder he participated in, in the joint US/Guatemalan dictatorship co-war of genocide against the Guatemalan indigenous communities. Guatemalan gets 6,060-year sentence in massacre

Here is this Pentagon trained unit, the Kabiles, at graduation time…. Graduación de Fuerzas Especiales de Policia …They look just exactly like what they actually are, which is a gang of murderous thugs trained by our US kid killer Marines and Uncle Sam.

Think about these films, Dumb Right Wingers, if you are not too busy debating with yourselves about if I am gay or if I am having sex with my dog? But please do not expect me to be too big a donor to the US Marine Corp ‘Toys for Tots’ program come Christmas time. What a con! That’s a propaganda program that has always given me complete nausea.

(See also Guatemalan's Kaibiles elite troops take sides in Mexican drugs wars about ‘the Zetas’ being trained by US trained militaries.)

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2 Responses to US military still trains Guatemalan squad infamous for committing the worst ever genocide in North America

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    from a voice mucho mas conservadora than mine….

    ‘Pimental was convicted of participating in a military operation at a Guatemalan village named Dos Erres. According to the Guardian, “In December 1982, several dozen soldiers stormed Dos Erres and systematically killed men, women, and children. Soldiers bludgeoned villagers with a sledgehammer, threw them down a well, and raped women and girls before killing them, according to court papers filed in a case brought by US prosecutors against another former kaibil.”

    Pimental denied being at the massacre, claiming that he was preparing enrollment papers for the U.S. military’s School of the Americas when the massacre took place.’

    See Jacob G. Hornberger @

  2. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Another continuation of the 523 year occupation of America. Not meaning to step on your post, Tony.

    The attacks on Mayan people go on and on… Militarily at times and mostly by the long periods of economic slavery. Monsanto is still poisoning -genetically- the remaining Mayan communal farms, the ones not arbitrarily taken by the Corporate BigPigs to grow mutant corn for the purpose of making fuel for SUVs. The “super-corn” has a built in insecticide.

    Wait for it…. wait… wait…

    Ok Now… if the shit kills bugs would it not also kill people? Maybe more slowly due to our slower metabolism but who will say? Monsanto sure ain’t going to give us the straight skinny on anything, they’re selling the business to Bayer as a delaying tactic for the lawsuits against them for Agent Orange and Roundup. Which they contend is harmless.

    The Monsanto corn is cross pollenating the Mayan corn fields so guess who gets to eat the uninvited pests I mean guest? Let’s see, if a Mayan person wants to come up here from Guatamela, or El Salvador, or Southern Mexico, etc… the Minutemen would try very diligently to kill him as an invader. And with those racist bastards, calling anybody else an Invader is very much Pots and Kettles.

    Speaking of El Salvador, they still have the Trained At The School Of The Americas Death Squads under US Army protection, the ones who murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero as he was saying mass. I wonder if the Minutemen would intercept them as they disembark at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso (the airport for Ft Bliss) with their racist bullshit. The SOTA folks routinely do maneuvers at McGregor Range. Birds of a feather.

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