US Right Wing pushes their militarism on us like it was a drug, and it is

???— ‘When militarism is squeezed into the small cultural spaces of everyday life, we are subtly reminded, again and again, that war and violence and soldiering are normal. We are thus being taught that war and violence and soldiering are not political matters subject to contention or debate. The message is that war and violence and soldiering are normal parts of who we are and what we do as a people, and anyone who questions this is beyond the pale—unpatriotic, a traitor.’ …an excerpt from Behind the "Support the Troops" Rhetoric- Micro Militarism

So is it cowardly to support Peace and Socialism while living in the US as the Right Wing military man/ woman would tell us it is? No, they are the real cowards here! It is in fact cowardly to go into the US military to obtain benefits denied the rest of the population and to the people the US military might have you go out and kill for the rich corporate interests that run the government. As usual, the Right Winger has it all ass backwards though. All they are really for is War and more destruction of the Planet Earth. We all deserve to have human needs met and an end to constant warfare.

For those looking for how way out stupid the ‘support the troops’ Right Winger mindset can actually get to, check out today’s LA Times article about what they call ‘canine PTSD’. It’s a big problem the commentator says and supposedly effects 10% of our military’s dogs! See Military's dogs of war also suffer post-traumatic stress disorder

Conclusion? …’Some dogs, like 5-year-old Cora, just need to be treated as honored combat veterans and allowed to lead less-stressful lives.’
Meanwhile let’s make it illegal in places like Colorado Springs, to ask a person for loose change? Coddle the veteran dog and jail the civilian destitute?

The Right Winger’s logic is so out of whack with reality that it boggles the mind sometimes just reflecting on how bizarre and idiotic they really get at times. And at the core of their mental illness is seeing the military as somehow being center of all the nation’s virtue. Too bad the liberal Democrats coddle this mindset as well as the Right Wing churches do.

‘Canine PTSD is now recognized by military dog specialists as a combat affliction, and they’re learning to treat it.’ Oh GAG US with all your militarist crap, Pentagon propagandist! It’s making our nation, the USA, a totally sickening place to ever want to be associated in being a part of.

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