The US War against Syria is part of the ongoing US War against Iran

The US pretends to be part of a ‘liberation movement’ against Assad of Syria but supports the one candidate/ one party dictatorships of Bahrain, where the US Navy fleet docks, and Yemen, which is part of US ally Saudi Arabia’s hunting to kill, Shia Muslims battlefield. Apparently not all dictatorships are created equally for the Obama Administration, since some are supported and others not. So why support the overthrow of Assad in Syria, Obama?

You and the Democrats are doing the Republican Party’s work once again, one can easily see. And once again, the US government/ military is setting one section of Muslims against another, which is like if a foreign power was promoting sectarian violence and war between Catholics and Protestants, inside the US and European countries. Nasty, hateful business, in short. And it’s all part of D.C.s drive for regime change in Iran, too.

The picture of Hillary Clinton arriving today in Tunis to push this US allied, Syrian terrorist warfare inside Syria, illustrates perfectly exactly what Washington D.C. and the Barack Obama Administration are doing to YET ANOTHER foreign country. They are attempting to destroy Syria by organizing opposition gangs to a government regime D.C. wants to overthrow.

So when will the American people forcefully reject this lust for constant war of the US business community? The time to do it is now, and not some seemingly distant time in the future when the chickens will eventually come home to roost for ‘our’ USA (business) First sins. We increasingly live in a sick, Nazi like society in the US, as this is what constant warfare does to a people. It reduces us, in the US, into being a completely morally bankrupt society, just like the German people were like under the Nazi regime.

See Tunis police beat back protesters at Syria meeting for more info about the Obama Administration’s organizing of terrorism against the Syrian people, many of who support the pro-Iranian Assad government.

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2 Responses to The US War against Syria is part of the ongoing US War against Iran

  1. Avatar Simone Phillips says:

    Not once have you mentionioned in this piece the 9,000-11,000 people that have been killed my al-Assad? What happens to them? You mention that the U.S get to involved and that is true in some cases but should we sit back and watch atrocities against human rights happen like in Rwanda or the Holocaust in germany? How many people have to die before we should get involved?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The US got ‘involved’ in Iraq and Afghanistan and millions have died because of that involvement, Simone. And not once did you mention the cost in life of those ‘involvements’ that seemingly you now support ALSO in Syria and Iran.

    PLUS, might I even mention that the US is already ‘involved’ in ‘involving’ itself in Syrian affairs by way of promoting Turkish, Qatari, and Saudi Arabian backing of their own ‘rebel’ forces inside Syria. You seemingly are ignorant of that though? Instead, you want to scare us with images of Rwanda and Adolph in Germany. Might I suggest you think some more about the images of the US in the Vietnam and Korea slaughters of millions? After all, you think of the US corporate run government as some sort of benign saintly force for good when it seems to be considerably the direct opposite of that. Think of the US in El Salvador and Nicaragua before you go pushing YOUR government off onto ‘involvement’ with other peoples’ affairs militarily.

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