The voting booth is the last place to look to see Democracy in Action

Obama versus Romney? ‘How did it come to this? How did democracy in America degenerate into a mind-numbing absurdity? The answer, in a word, is money.’

‘It has transformed what has always been a profound dissociation between what democratic theory promises and the real world of American democracy into a yawning divide. Despite what students are told in civics classes (where they still exist) and what normative theories of democracy propose, democracy in America today has almost nothing to do with rational deliberation and debate, and very little to do with aggregating preferences or reconciling conflicting interests. It is about legitimating government of, by and for the corporate malefactors and Wall Street banksters who own Congress and the White House along with an obscenely large chunk of the nation’s wealth. The Occupy movement has driven this point home, but it was widely appreciated long before Zuccotti Park entered the national consciousness.’ See Andrew Levine’s Why the Voting Booth is the Last Place to Look for Political Change

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2 Responses to The voting booth is the last place to look to see Democracy in Action

  1. Avatar James says:

    Good Question Logan. We both have our different opinions on what would make the situation better, but there is not argument as to the truth of this statement.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Hey! A decent attitude appears again on NMT, James! Thanks for being the one who came and did that!

    It really would be nice if people would stop trying to get us fired and trying to bash our heads in and discuss things out a little bit more with us here on this blog and elsewhere. We really are not all that mean and hateful at all on the Left. So what do you think would be the best way to try to build something People-minded outside the selectoral arena of the big corporations, James? Open to ideas.

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