The Wall Street Journal today makes it official- Capitalism has been restored in China

images-39 Who controls the Chinese Communist Party? According to the print addition of the WSJ today (online addition only available to subscribers), multi billionaires make up a gigantic block of the highest officials inside the supposedly ‘communist’ Chinese Communist Party. It seems that the Chinese capitalist class took that political party over quite some time ago! Surprise!

In fact, the WSJ states that the amount of big capitalist profiteers inside the Chinese government legislature makes the amount of big money in the US Senate and House look puny in contrast! It says that the contrast of Big Money Men in the Chinese government compared to the Chinese population might just be the worst representation of economic inequality found in a government of a nation anywhere in the world. Conclusion? China does not have communism but instead has capitalism in place, controlling and dominating its huge population.

Info was obtained from article titled ‘Defying Mao, Rich Chinese Crash the Communist Party’ in today’s WSJ. Capitalism has been pretty much fully restored in China and a dictatorship now controls the government for the Chinese Capitalist class. Just like in the former Soviet Union, the top communist party bosses turned the economy back over to a capitalist ruling class.

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