There is nothing noble about being in the military

‘We could start by telling the nation’s young people, and our own children, that there is nothing noble about joining today’s military, when its function is imperialism, conquest, genocide and, frighteningly, perhaps soon even domestic repression. As for those “highly competitive career fields” they can get trained in? Many of these involve killing innocent men, women and children.’ — Thanks, David Lindorff, for being honest in your excellent commentary Trolling for Kids about the US military and the actual and real motives of the men and women GETTING PAID for by that government body.

‘In the militarist society in which we live in these latter days of American Empire, all soldiers are “noble heroes” who have signed up at “great personal sacrifice” to “defend our freedoms,” and we are all expected to pay homage and a great deal of our hard-earned money to support them, both in their brutal efforts to subjugate people in desperately poor parts of the world, and (when they leave the service, either to take jobs in the private sector or to live out broken lives if they were wounded) as veterans. But let’s be honest about all this. Most of the men and women in the military didn’t join the US armed forces out of any noble motives.’

David Lindorff justly condemns the ruling class’s efforts to create a higher caste of workers that shall then be allowed to sit on top of the rest of us civilians. Thanks for being so honest about what’s going on here, David.

These soldiers being recruited today are not heroes at all, and they definitely are not freedom fighters! Increasingly, they seem much more like just plain, ordinary welfare recipients, though the ruling class treats them much better than that. The soldiers see themselves as being a privileged group of welfare clods. Let’s not enable them and instead help them personally disconnect from the big government-military pork barrel.

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3 Responses to There is nothing noble about being in the military

  1. Avatar C says:

    You sorry motherfucker. Your entire view on those in the military sickens me. If you ever say that kind of crap near me in public, I’ll break your nose on behalf of quite a few members of my family, who all served in numerous wars dating back to the Civil War with honor, integrity and distinction.

  2. Avatar C says:

    Actually, on second thought, you’re not even worth the waste of time. I’ll just let someone else do that, because I don’t think it would knock the disrespect out of you.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You’re right, I don’t t particularly respect those who sign up voluntarily to go occupy other peoples’ countries thinking it a good personal career move to do so, C. Now go fuck yourself, you little violence obsessed prick. You sickening thugs all over the place make America into the shitty little nowhere empire of dunces it definitely is.

    And I just wrote about how the US government is supporting terrorism against the Syrian people and this is the sort of piddly bullshit a Right Winger asshole like yourself then writes me with? God you people make me sick! You’re fucking obsessed with yourselves and your own stupid little dicks.

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