Two presidential seeking clowns vie at China Bashing contest to delight the US’s White Racist population

Both US corporate parties work hard at whipping up White America’s racism, and White racist America loves it. They want to blame a non-White race for the US’s economic problems. The US Black community knows this all too well so you will never hear or see the Black community echoing this White American, anti-Chinese blame game.

But the US White population is another thing altogether, and the US’s 2 corporate politician clown ‘leaders’ are pre election bashing the Chinese non stop for supposedly dragging White America down. White racist populated America laps the drivel right up.

‘Liberals’, too, need to bash China to help provide Barack Obomba an excuse for his Pentagon occupying Afghanistan war, front line for the future bipartisan planned war against the evil Chinese hordes, who steal jobs supposedly away from all us e’er so nice USA people. So Yap Yap Yap the ‘liberals’ growl at China, right beside the likes of Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney.

…and when Barack and Joe offer up, together with Mitt and Paul, yet more China Bashing the racist White America public laps it up like they’re small kids drinking Pillsbury ‘Chinese Cherry funny face drink’! USA! USA! USA!

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