UltraLeftism fails to revitalize May Day in America, or to revitalize the Occupy Movement either

Pity the poor Occupy Movement, as Establishment liberal types, Ron Paul Right Wingers, and now Ultraleftists all try out the shortcomings of their own models of disorganization and find them all to be totally lacking. Yesterday on May Day the UltraLeftists had their turn to further disorganize Occupy, as they called for a ‘general strike’ with their own subjective desires as the only ‘force’ actually desiring to go into any battle. The result? Nobody but the Black Bloc really had ‘a good time’, …plus a few riot cops with their Darth Vader inspired weoponry in hand.

Here’s the problem, Gents of the UltraLeft. To actually build a real General Strike you have to patiently organize The People and not just call a ‘strike’ all alone in your own pitifully small name. Do that alone, and you will hardly even get out a respectfully numbered May Day ‘celebration’. People will simply ignore you and go about their personal business. You will have organized nothing.

Like it or not, UltraLefts, but the general body politic has decided to sit out YET another selection year of the ruling class, and to massively and passively watch the results once again of this charade. It will take more than your mere bravado to move them into any gear other than their passivity.

The ‘general stike’ of Colorado could be seen in Denver Occupy, as one of the local Colorado Springs’ Ron Paulers, ‘Joel’, did his usual incoherent jig on the live feed. Message? ‘God Bless America’… Pity the poor Occupy Movement with ‘organizers’ such as ‘Joel’ and the young and stupid ‘Black Bloc nincompoops as so-called ‘leaders’.

What a silly circus the Occupy Movement has now degenerated itself into. The masses are not yet moving and will not be moved behind a ‘movement’ that declares itself to be leaderless.

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2 Responses to UltraLeftism fails to revitalize May Day in America, or to revitalize the Occupy Movement either

  1. Avatar Joel says:

    What are you talking about. Incoherent or not I worked all day on May Day and didn’t attend or participate in any events, Ron Paul, Occupy or otherwise.

    Perhaps one could pause on enjoying the company of their beleaguered canines long enough to check their facts and avoiding looking like an even larger idiot than they were previously perceived as.

    Geez… Some people’s kids.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well God Bless you, and God Bless America, Joel. I love being perceived as an idiot by you. That would be a exact mirror reflection of exactly how I perceive you and the ‘OTHERS’ as you refer to your friends, the Ron Paul nitwitters. You are all idiots who slobber over that fascist leaning, REPUBLICAN Libertarian Texas clown, Ron Paul.

    It was my mistake though to mention you at all this time, and It happened a day after MayDay 2012 while quickly moving between working several shifts passing dope to some YOUNG ‘heroes’ out there. I went to look at what I thought was a ‘live feed’ of this years event, but in reality it was only your previous years prancing around and ‘Blessing America’ from a whole year ago…. 2011. What a fatal error here on my part! How could I?

    My apologies, Joel. My dog says Hello to you and God Bless. You do impress because I never knew a guy who could talk a faster nothing than yourself!

    (PS, I love how you dumb asses in your 20s and 30s call people in their 60s and 70s ‘kids’, demand respect from them afterwards, and throw rocks, trash, and middle fingers at them while they protest WAR!. It’s all quite an impressive display, Joel. That and the calls to get people fired from their jobs and to do harm to their property and pet animals. Your mommas must be proud of you?)

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