Unlike in Colorado Springs, Americans in Auburn, Washington were not subjected to a completely pro- more war parade on Veterans Day

What a contrast in Auburn to what Right Wingers subject us all to here in Colorado Springs each and every Veterans Day as they use our collective public tax monies to parade their pro war sentiments through public streets. See events in Auburn, Washington… Anti-war veterans took part in the Veterans Day Parade in Auburn on Saturday, a day after a federal judge ordered the city to allow them to participate.— Thank You, Antiwar Vets, for the service you do for our country.

BTW, that photo headlining this commentary is of an antiwar vet at a protest by antiwar vets at a presidential debate in 2008. Unlike your ordinary American soldier, antiwar vets are actually defending Americans right to exercise their Free Speech and not just suppressing people militarily for the US corporate super rich in some foreign country or other. Antiwar Vets Attacked By Police Outside Debate

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