Unsustainable Al Gore and the Democratic Party

A recent news clip caught my eye… It stated ridiculously that Al Gore takes aim at "unsustainable" capitalism right there at Reuters International! I learned that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore supposedly wants ”an overhaul of capitalism which he says has turned many of the world’s largest economies into hotbeds of irresponsible short-term investment.’ Don’ laugh now! That’s exactly what the Reuters report said.

Leave aside the fact that Al Gore and Bill Clinton carried on wars to break up Yugoslavia and to economically starve the Iraqi people, which later led to Dubya/ Obama’s wars of occupation there. Leave aside that WHILE IN OFFICE Al Gore never reformed NADA. So what’s up with his schtick now? Is there anything new to it?

The short answer is that absolutely NO there is nothing new here, but this is just the standard efforts to put a reform smiley face on Democratic Party politics, ala Jimmy Peanut Carter man and Dennis the Perpetually Ineffectual Kucinich. Capitalism, which is a form of organized criminality against Nature and the Working People of the world simply cannot be ‘reformed’ and allowed to keep up its organized theft (private profit making) at the same time. It really is as simple as that. Nothing that Al says will in the least bit change the material reality of what capitalism is and only can be.

At least the Reuters article about Al Gore was worthy of a good laugh. Isn’t that what reading the so-called ‘news’ is all about? And that photo at the head of this commentary is from Freaky News and is how they jokingly see Al Gore coming off these days.

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