Up to 200,000 young people ‘occupied’ Montreal last week in protest

Turns out that the Occupy Movement is not so dead after all, it’s just that the corporate media wants you to think that it is. ‘Occupy Montreal’ is not exactly organized in the way that Occupy Wall Street has done up to now, but it was way more successful last week when massive anti-government demonstrations took place there in Quebec and the majority of the demonstrators were young people! What if this youth protest begins to spread once again into the USA? See Students stage monster march in Montreal to protest against tuition-fee hikes- Read it on Global News …If it does, that will shake the entire world up! Youtube has an excellent video of this march and protest… Montreal Student Protest – March 22, 2012 – Manifestation Étudiante Montréal.

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  1. Avatar Jamie says:

    It’s true! Call it whatever you want, but we’re all fighting the same fight! Solidarity!

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