US and allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia unleash sectarian religious terrorism against Syria’s people

Barack and Hillary are calling for more and more sectarian religious terrorism from the Sunni Muslim community against the Shia in Syria. The US government and its allies have started a sectarian religious confrontation between the 2 major divisions of the Muslim community in Syria.

It would be like if Osama had stirred up a sectarian religious war between Catholics and Protestants. It is a total bloody mess that the US is making of things, even as it constantly criticizes others for supposedly causing the bloodshed. The Associated Press reports… A suicide bomber detonated his car packed with explosives in a Damascus suburb on Thursday, wounding 10 people and damaging one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines, Syria's state-run news agency and witnesses on the scene said.

These are terrorists backed, supported, and supplied by the Pentagon and its Sunni allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia, against Shia led Syria and Iran. The people of Syria are caught in this crossfire.

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