US and its allies plan to try to force a regime change upon Syria

US and its allies plan to force a regime change upon Syria to help Washington DC and Israel in their plans to defeat Iran and the Palestinians struggling for their rights against the Israeli Jewish Apartheid regime.

The Associated Press stated that ‘U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Sunday for “friends of democratic Syria” to unite and rally against President Bashar Assad’s regime, previewing the possible formation of a formal group of like-minded nations to coordinate assistance to the Syrian opposition… …Clinton said the international community had a duty to halt ongoing bloodshed and promote a political transition that would see Assad step down. She said the “friends of Syria” should work together to promote those ends.’ See AP report on US government intervention against Syria's Assad regime

But would the supposedly ‘independent’ Syrian political opposition to Assad look for the US mass murderers of millions of Arabs to assist them win their own petty sectarian struggle for gaining power within Syria? Why YES they most certainly would! See below…

‘Clinton’s comments came as Syria’s opposition appealed for international backing along the lines she suggested following the double-veto (by China and Russia) at the U.N. Security Council that outraged the U.S.’ (taken from the same AP report as the one linked to above).

It is interesting that the domestic opposition to Assad is asking for foreigners to help them by attacking their own country militarily. Real patriots they must definitely NOT BE. And as early as last year, reports filtered out that the US backed and promoted opposition would reverse Assad’s, very independent of US regional control, foreign policies ran in Israeli newspapers. See the following Israeli news item by Naharnet Newsdesk (02 December 2011) …

‘A Syrian government run by the country’s main opposition group would cut ties to Iran, and end arms supplies to Hizbullah and Hamas, the group’s leader told the Wall Street Journal published Friday.

The interview with Burhan Ghalioun, president of the Syrian National Council, came eight months into an increasingly violent uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad, with rebels seeking international support.

“There will be no special relationship with Iran,” Ghalioun, a 66-year-old university professor, told the Journal in an interview at his home in Paris.

“Breaking the exceptional relationship means breaking the strategic, military alliance,” he said, adding that “after the fall of the Syrian regime, (Hizbullah) won’t be the same.”

He also called for more robust international support for the rebels, including the possible establishment of a no-fly zone.’ (from 22023)

These Syrians allied with the US would be labelled TRAITORS if they were Americans that would behave in the same manner within the US, and rightly so. And they probably would be executed if they called for China and Russia to take military action against the US.

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