Syrian US-backed ‘rebels’ tape selves cheering executions of their POWs, another in their long list of war crimes

Some on the Left call these guys revolutionaries even! Especially those at the Louis Proyect sponsored website- North Star. The corporate Pentagon war pushing media positively gushes over the anti Syrian government forces as well, however the actual picture of these criminal thugs is quite different from the one the Leftist humanitarian imperialists want us to know about. See Syria rebels execute soldiers in battleground Aleppo

Gosh this North Star website sponsored by Louis Proyect is completely weirdo! They pretend to be about the Occupy Movement while talking about the Stalinist led Comintern of decades long past, and pretend to be open to all opinions, while quickly kicking those with different opinions offline from their heavily censored website same as Louis Proyect does, too, on HIS ‘marxism list’. Who is being fooled much by Poryect’s shenanigans at North Star though? Few, one hopes.

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2 Responses to Syrian US-backed ‘rebels’ tape selves cheering executions of their POWs, another in their long list of war crimes

  1. Maybe Louis Proyect isn’t what he claims to be, either. It’s is abundantly obvious that The North Star is a covert U.S. government Web site set up to promote all-out war on Syria. Binh claims there are three administrators. The logical conclusion is that all three are USG employees.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The problem is though that there still is a whole shitload of politically lost marxists who are now supporting at least a ‘neutrality; in this Middle East war making of the US government instead of actually opposing it by building a movement to stop the Pentagon. And Pham and Louis and the others at North Star represent the Far Right of these messed up English speaking ‘marxist’ bigshots who certainly have been tolerating the bullhorning message by Proyect that Nato and the Pentagon need to help out their irregular troops more, by direct bombing of Syria.

    Calling these dumb lost marxist jerkoffs cops is not going to help expose them that much politically, Diana. The rot is from inside our marxist movement and not just from police infiltrators of it.

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