US backed terrorists continue attacks on Syrian government supporters

‘Two car bombs exploded minutes apart in a suburban residential area of Damascus on Wednesday, killing at least 45 people and injuring 120, Syrian media reported. The blasts targeted an area called Jaramana populated by Christians and Druze, minority groups that have mostly supported the Syrian regime. Although no group claimed responsibility for the blasts, it had the trademarks of al Qaeda-affiliated organizations.’ See the latest news from Syria

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2 Responses to US backed terrorists continue attacks on Syrian government supporters

  1. Avatar Nicolas Espinoza says:

    Now explain me how Syrian fighters are terrorists but Iraqi and Afghan fighters are called “la resistance”

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    In what I wrote about, car bombs in Syria killed 45 and injured 120 CIVILIANS predominantly. I have not read the book Eric wrote about, but I know that the anti-Nazi Resistance targeted Nazi allied SOLDIERS, and not innocent civilians, Nicolas.

    As to Iraqi and Afghan actions, much of the people allied against US forces have both resisted US directed soldiers and also at times have also admittedly used occasionally used terrorism, for usually sectarian reasons at times. And one might add that the US has often targeted civilians in terrorist actions or have targeted people considered fighters while also killing civilian bystanders which also is essentially a form of terrorism, too. The US is by far the biggest force using the largest amounts of terrorism in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Just the act of occupying another country is a form of terrorism in and of itself.

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