US, Britain, France, and Germany versus Russia and China- Battle Zone Syria

Those Americans who tend to see the Syria battle out of its geo-politcal context are playing stupid and mainly fooling only themselves. Here from a news report… ‘Another item which the two leaders will most likely discuss is how Russia and China may protect themselves from a network of air defense facilities, which the US is now unveiling in Asia. China’s authorities are very concerned about the fact that the US is deploying missiles and air defense systems in Japan and on the Philippines, because this is obviously done as a reaction to China’s program of developing nuclear missiles.’ (from What Russian, Chinese leaders may discuss during APEC summit)

All this takes place in the context that the US, Britain, France and Germany may ignore the Russian and Chinese objections to their plans to use their militaries anyway to force regime change on the Syrians, while ignoring the vetoes against this at the United Nations. There is no ‘revolution’ in Syria freely made by Syrians themselves. The war in Syria was MADE IN USA.

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