US continues long war against the Somali people by way of Uganda

Well look at this! See what all the propaganda for more US military interventions is accomplishing? It’s not very nice and ‘humanitarian’ at all, and certainly will prove to promote more starvation and misery throughout all of Africa and not just in Uganda and Somalia alone. US leads world drive to oust Somalia terrorists …but what a bullshit title to an report about how US imperialism (and Australian, too!) is organizing its own state terrorism and wars on the African continent.

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2 Responses to US continues long war against the Somali people by way of Uganda

  1. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Wasn’t it in 1990 the we were force to send Marines to Somalia because the Warlords were hording the food and over 200,000 died from Starvation…now the pirates are boarding ships and demanding money or they kill everyone on board…should we negotiate with them…I don’t think its right that anyone should fear were they Cruise at…and if having a bigger stick is what it takes to make the pirates go back into there little holes then fine by me…I bet you be speaking a different tone if it was your ship that got boarded by pirates and it was you that was held hostage…but sadly that will never happen

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pirates of the Red Sea! Hollywood for the Pentagonese! Forget about all that warfare the US directs at the Somalis and don’t worry your little head about any more than those baddy ‘pirates’ either. No, Sir! You probably don’t keep up with the Horn of Africa too much anyway.

    Do you know how to find Canada or Mexico on the map even? Do you, Young Dude? Yet I bet you are some sort of expert on foreign policy, right? Studied it at boot camp and on the base nearby…. Now you’re ready to go fight ‘pirates’!

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