US Court today declares legal discrimination through marriage benefits denied to be wrong; but is that all there is to it?

Here it is, society was discriminating all along against the Gay community by denying Gays certain benefits allowed married heterosexuals, and the US courts are beginning to rule that as having been wrong. We should applaud that! However, now the courts should also begin to rule it wrong that children are forced into poverty by economic discrimination against their usually, quite heterosexual parents. That’s right! Just look some at the poverty statistics, Please.

Now will anybody give a hoot that this is actually so in the US? …that so many kids grow up now in impoverished households? The Christians that hate Gays so much should mobilize themselves to address the child poverty problem instead of continuing to try to fight Gays in order to maintain legal discrimination against the homosexual portion of our society.

Society should not just accept child poverty as a natural. It is not. Laws mandating that children be allowed to grow up with adequate incomes for their welfare would change that. Think of an America where children actually have decent childhoods instead of ones warped by living always in poverty! We should join forces with all that are willing to fight to make it a better world for our children. Capitalism right now is not creating a very nice world for youth to find themselves in.

See Appeals court: Denying federal benefits to same-sex couples is unconstitutional about the court ruling.

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