US Economy is now a gigantic stagnant cesspool with turds floating at the top

The official unemployment rate last September was 9.1%. Today it is 8.2% but much of that difference is that millions are being shifted into those not being counted as part of the workforce anymore because they have supposedly just ‘dropped out’ of it! These statistics are more lies than reality at this point, and the US economy is dead stagnant right in the middle of the selection season that the 1% holds for us every 4 years. See Jobless rate falls again, but job growth disappoints.
‘Disappoints’? Isn’t that a nice little euphemism for DEPRESSES?… ‘disappoints’? …Like in… Oh how ‘disappointed the 1% turds at the top are! And how DEPRESSED are the worker 99%. What’s the solution of the ‘disappointed’ for those who are DEPRESSED? They don’t have one. The DEPRESSED are simply expendable in their eyes. Unless they want to sign on as cops, security guards, prison guards, soldiers etc. to help the 1% put the rest of us down. The 1% is always hiring good uniformed THUGS.

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