US government-made terrorist forces demand of Obama direct US military intervention against Syria

Incredible but true. Private CIA-created Syrian gangs are now attacking President Obama for not moving the US army into direct military action against the Syrian government of Assad! Are CIA terrorist gangs calling for a Mitt Romney head of the US government? Truth is sometimes weirder than fiction even… But here it is, so see for yourself. The following was taken from Syrian conflict declared a civil war by the Red Cross and backed up in other news reports of the press conference as well.

‘Meanwhile, the president of Syria’s main opposition group, the Syrian National Council, stepped up pressure on America to take action by accusing President Barack Obama of stalling so as not to jeopardise his November re-election prospects.

“We cannot understand that a superpower ignores the killing of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians because of an election campaign that a president may win or lose,” Abdelbasset Sayda told CNN.’

What kind of ‘action’ does the Syrian National Council want Obama to take? These Syrian terrorists created by the US and its allies actually are directly calling for a military attack on their own country! That’s not a civil war, as the International Red Cross calls it. That is a war created by outside countries on the people of Syria. If the International Red Cross did not receive most all of its budget from the US and NATO allies, they would perhaps tell the truth here instead of lying about the nature of this conflict.

And taking part in a partisan attack against the candidate of the Democrats during our US elections? Well that is damn disgusting really. Who do these foreign employees of the CIA think they are?

To oppose Assad because he heads up a dictatorship is one thing, but to call in for foreign military intervention is quite another. There are dictatorships all around the planet and most of them are backed up by the US and NATO alliance that the so called ‘Syrian National Council’ wants to go to war against their own country. We need to stop the creation by the Pentagon and CIA of these little cliques of terrorists they constantly form and arm, because none of these PUPPETS are truly for expanding liberty and freedom, but are simply for regime changes under the sponsorship of the US government.

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