US-made counterrevolution in Libya leads to civil war in Mali and the establishment of a ‘Tuareg Homeland’

Oops! The law of unintended consequences in US foreign policy continues to have its effects on the world. Those politician fat cats in D.C. wanted Moammar Gadhafi out of power in Libya and got that after the brutal torture murder of that head of state, but did the Obama Administration calculate on the current events in Mali that followed? I rather doubt that they did. …See Gaddafi's influence in Mali's coup and Mali's Tuareg separatist rebels have declared an end to military operations, a statement on their website says. These former fighters FOR Gadhafi now have power in the northern regions of Mali and have declared a ‘Tuareg Homeland’. It is doubtful that the Europeans and the US are too delighted with this new nationalist movement though. The fighting is certain to continue and spread throughout the region yet more.

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