US Military established American caste system for workers applies for Israeli soldiers, too!

If you participate in the Pentagon imperialist military in the US, you get 10% off, special loans on houses and cars, a military pension, health care for all soldiers and their families, univeristy grants, preferential hiring privileges, and a get out of jail card free card or two in many cases, also. The list goes on and it is all designed to create a caste system inside the US working class. But did you know that you get privileged in the US if you have been a soldier in the Israeli military… no Palestinian need apply? That’s right, you can get benefits courtesy of US institutions, even if the military you participated in was the Israeli Apartheid enforcing military! Served in the IDF? US universities want you! As US MBA convention gets ready to open in Tel Aviv, experts say former IDF soldiers have clear advantage when applying to American programs

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