US military out of Honduras now!

The US has spread its drug war killings from its own inner cities into Peru and Colombia and then north into Mexico and now back once again into Central America as well. The US military is not going to stop drug trafficking and should get out of all of Latin America now. Why are Americans silent about these wars and supportive of military interventionism? Americans get what they sow…. which is a Police and Military State society everywhere. Honduras protest over (US DEA agent) shootings (of Hondurans inside Honduras)

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12 Responses to US military out of Honduras now!

  1. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    DEA not army not airforce not marines not navy DEA an arm of the feds Not military are you so fucking retarded as to say the US military is everywhere fuck it US military out of your mouth quit fucking twisting Shit and making it that our force is everywhere you communist loving dog fucking son of a bitch tell the goddamn truth and quit lying wanna know where our boys are go by an Army times yes I did insult you but you insult everyone on here so all fair in love and war right dumbshit

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Our wars on Honduras and Mexico are being run out of NORTHCOM at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs. Is that military enough for you?

    If you think you can continue taking a crap in our comment threads, you better make it more interesting.

  3. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    You want to know where our military is publicly acknowledged to be, here is the map. Anticommunsit, you tire me with your ill-educated syntax, shock language which loses it shock with repetition, and your general Fox news mentality. Please spend more time educating yourself so we can have a meaningful dialogue. I enjoy a challenging conversation, but have yet to have one with you.

  4. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Where is the proof Eric that its being run out of Peterson

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What I find interesting about these younger Right Winger nuts like ‘anticommunsit’, PCMulkey, is that they seem to think that History started only about when most of them turned 18! The US military organized the Nicaraguan Contra attacks on Nicaragua way long ago back in the ’80s and the US military has continued to keep a constant presence in Honduras all the time since.

    History didn’t just start when you grew out of using diapers, ‘anticommunsit’! You don’t seem to know anything about what’s really going on in current events, let alone past history either. It’s very sad to have to go over A-B-C s with the likes of such ignorant folk as yourself. And you’re not even toilet trained yet!

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Proof? Uh duh … You need proof, Mr. Expert, that NORTHCOM is located at Peterson AFB and that it commands the activities of US military and allied forces in all of North America, and not just in Honduras? How sad…. Go do some studying on your own, Guy.

  7. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    Anticommunisit, please read Admiral James Winnefeld (Northcom) statement’s about Joint Task Force Bravo before the House Armed Services Committee March 31, 2011. It is a public record.

  8. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Not proof on that Ron Paul loving motherfucker proof that our military is in Hondours

  9. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Yes I know I misspelled Honduras

  10. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    Read the article, Anticommunsit. JTF-B is specifically mentioned 3 paragraphs from the bottom of the page.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I just get totally fed up with having to deal with such totally ignorant nitwits as yourself, Anti-. What is wrong with you?

    ‘My Visit to Honduras and USNORTHCOM’ from the SOUTHCOM boss…

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Dead in the Moskitia were not drug traffickers, according to authorities

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