US nuns should expell Pope Rat out of their church at St. Louis conference

The nuns are meeting in St Louis this week trying to decide how to respond to the attacks of the Pope and his horde of pedophile priests? After blistering Vatican report, nuns gather to weigh response.

‘In an interview with NPR in July, Franciscan Sister Pat Farrell, president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an umbrella organization representing about 80 percent of the nuns in the United States, said the organization is “not talking about the risk of excommunication or leaving the church.”

Sister Pat Farrell, president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

“The one and only underlying option for us is to respond with integrity with however we proceed,” Farrell added. “Some of the options would be to just comply with the mandate that’s been given to us. Or to say we can’t comply with this and see what the Vatican does with that. Or to remove ourselves and form a separate organization.”‘

Sorry, Sister, but I think you are lying here somewhat. Nuns have to be worried that this sorry ass Nazi Pope might expel you all out of your own church, so why not expel him FIRST? That way, in the US courts, you will have a stronger argument that the Nazi Pope owns nothing of property here in the US, but you nuns do! Then you can call up Desmund Tutu and ask him to be the new and authentic big ‘Pope’ of the Church.

Good luck!

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