US proxy war against Iran begins with war on Syria

The US has been the center power in the alliance to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, which is stage one of a planned assault against Iran. The fighting in Syria has now also been extended back into Lebanon, as different factions in Lebanon take up sides for or against Assad in Syria, and for or against the US and Israel intervention in the Middle East region as a whole. Reports now are also coming up with new and updated information about how US ME allies, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are arming forces used to assault the Syrian government in terrorist manner. See Syria: The Road to War Continues

So we inside the US should be now well aware that the plans for more US made wars in the Middle East are bipartisan and currently directed by the Barack Obama headed Democratic Party White House. The US government has long held a grand and larger plan to seize more complete control over the Middle East than it held a quarter of a century ago. To do so is to supposedly win a larger war over dwindling energy resources with powers who challenge US corporate rule in other regions outside the Middle East. Barack Obama has simply continued the general US government game plan drawn up by previous presidents.

It is up to US Left activists to expose the media disinformation about Syria merely being in an internal ‘civil war’, when in fact the US and allies are aggressively attacking that country militarily looking to achieve regime change for D.C.’s benefit in its geopolitical war making.

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