Vote another idiot Democratic Party liberal into office? Vote Norman Solomon? Why bother with this ‘lesser of two evil’ stupidity anymore?

Some people never seem to learn, and the barely liberal, Democratic party voter has got to be the dumbest, most stubborn mule in the world, in fact. As current example, the Vote Democratic Party- Norman Solomon Campaign is truly stalled in the head thinking!
Please just build a Left of the Democrats Movement, or just shut the Hell up, Norm! You’re keeping the two party corporate system of dictatorship over the 99% of us going when you stay inside the Democratic Party. Both the Democrats and Republicans go down together, or they don’t get thrown out of office at all. Norman, you are an enabler of corporate dictatorship, and not an opponent of it at all. Work against The System and not for it, Norm! It’s just that simple. Stop telling people to vote Democratic Party!

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