Voters now tell pollsters they think Romney would be ‘better for the economy’ than Obama!

It took some real doing from the Democratic Party to now be in this sad sad position. Only the liberal voters still believe in the Obomber guy it seems, but liberals can be about the most gullible lame brains around. Most have much bigger and better hearts than the miserable cold shriveled up things Republican voters have beating inside themselves, but let’s face it//// donkeys are not known for being geniuses. Romney and Obama in Statistical Tie in NY Times/CBS Poll

___and Neither are elephants, but then again give them some credit due. At least they can figure out that Obomber is a dud. So are we headed for another group of Republican assholes to replace the DP slimeylittleballs we have had? It might just be so… Hard to believe though.

‘In the latest poll, 49 percent (of voters) said Romney would do a better job in dealing with the economy and unemployment, while 41 percent said Obama would.’ Egads!

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