Walmart ‘boxes’ lack any sense of ‘integrity’

___Walmart keeps telling its subordinate hourly employees that they need ‘integrity’ if they are to be allowed to continue to work for Walmart. But how does Walmart itself at its upper levels of management do in the integrity department? Let’s look at Walmart in Mexico, for example, where the company is enmeshed in scandal about its corrupt interactions with public officials- Wal-Mart silenced Mexican bribe inquiry ___ Where’s the ‘integrity’?

Well one might say, Walmart is primarily a US outfit, but that’s no longer really the case. Go to Walmart Corporate International and check out their huge international outfit, being largest and most dominant in places like Mexico, Chile, and England, and hoping to rapidly expand inside China! Can hardly wait to hear about a Chairman Mao Walmart Store to open up! Wouldn’t that be a gas?

Walmart everywhere simply lacks INTEGRITY. The owners hate the workers that make them rich even, but hardly ever say such directly. The Walton family certainly is not really a model for integrity in that way.

For example, how much have they helped destroy urban planning in this country through their onslaught against having decent and viable public zoning laws in place? Where’s the INTEGRITY, Walmart? It’s just not there. Your workers would like to live in decent urban communities even as you Waltons live on your landed estates, but you helped destroy all that for them. Where’s your INTEGRITY about what you did?

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