Western ‘Peace Movement’ sits by in ignorant and stupid silence as NATO assaults Syria via Turkish territory

There is a lot more going on here than Syria just shooting down a Turkish military jet, which is now being used as an excuse to support OVERT US allied military intervention against the Syrian government. In fact, the key COVERT war has been taking place along the Syrian-Turkish border for months with the Syrian city of Idlib being the focal point of that Western attack on the Bashar Assad led Syrian government. Because Idlib is only 10 miles from Turkey,it is where the so-called US/ Nato supplied ‘Syrian rebels’ have started the war at. (check the location out on google maps)

Al jazeera’s cheerleading for this war began way back in early march, but this is one bit of info they leaked out in their pro attack Syria propaganda…

‘Idlib and its province in the northwest are strategically important because of how close they are to the Turkish border. The Free Syrian Army is based in Turkey and its border is the most likely location for getting arms into Syria.’ …taken from Inside Idlib: Saving Syria ___That’s right, the al jazeera- Qatar propagandists talk about this covert war as ‘saving Syria’!

Will China and Russia draw a hard line against the made by the Pentagon effort to overthrow an ally, the Syrian government. Will they stop the plans for war against Iran, that begin with planned regime change in Syria? We should find out in the next days and definitely within the next couple of weeks.

The Obama Adminstration is playing with fire here…NUCLEAR FIRE. So why is the Western ‘Peace Movement’ sitting by in ignorant and stupid silence right now? Are liberals and the Left opposed to Pentagon made war or not?

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