What do ‘we’ stand for?

An ‘Anonymous’ reader says that he/ she has had trouble figuring out just what Not My Tribe writers seem to be for. I personally find that hard to believe since we all the time have already patiently explained most of what we support and don’t support, yet here we aim to please so I will briefly list out a few items that are generally what I, at least, am for.

Internationalism, instead of US nationalism. Peace, instead of US militarism. Justice for all, instead of only justice bought by the dollar for the rich and denied to the poor. Respect for all cultures, nationalities, sexual orientations, and for both sexes and the poor… not disrespect for those who are deemed inferior by the monied classes. Democracy, not dictatorship of the business community over the working classes. Ecology, not capitalist pillage of the environment and capitalist over production of trash not really needed to live decent and fulfilled lives. Jobs for all guaranteed with decent incomes, not constant economic insecurity for most people on the planet. Decent medical care and educational systems, not medicine for profit making and schools that indoctrinate and create ignorance.

Let’s stop here, shall we, Anonymous? So you have called us negative and hateful more than a few times. What is it about the above political agendas you actually disagree with and why?

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17 Responses to What do ‘we’ stand for?

  1. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    You endorse Castro there is nothing democratic about Castro…health care for all…yet you wanna sit here and tell mothers not to treat there kids with mmj..which is a type of healthcare stay out of it…peace for all yet you have bomb making instrutions on here…jobs for all yet you tried to get a couple people fired then get all mad when they do the same…democracy not dictatorship…you endorse Castro…you hate OCS…you revoked peoples freedom of speech at OCS….and censoring people…all of this can be found on Facebook…wanting to burn bibles…doesn’t support equality of religion…

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Who in the Hell do you think I ever tried to get fired from their jobs? That’s bullshit!

    And what is ‘endorsing Castro’ supposed to mean, to you? And if you are such a dolt that you think from my commentary about US military burning qurans that I was wanting to actually burn Bibles as response, then you have a screw or two loose in your head.

    Instead of screaming at us all the time, why don’t you try to act respectfully and think some about what we say to you in response to all your nonsense? We try to talk to you but you have your damn ears closed all the time.

  3. Avatar anticommunsit says:

    Respect you don’t respect noting yelling who’s yelling.I’m pointing out facts you endorse Castro there’s articles and pics of him on this website yet he has killed more kids then the soldiers you hate so much…cracker ass hoe

  4. Avatar anonymous says:

    I can’t say much anti said majority of it. I mean Castro did kill a lot of kids and adults, and he is a communist, I just notice there is a lot on here about him.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Just what does that mean when you say that Castro supposedly ‘killed a lot of kids and adults’, Anonymous? You act like he went out and strangled thousands with his bare hands or some sort of similar hideous atrocity? But he simply did not do anything like that at all. So where on earth do you pull your … he killed mountains of people figures from?

    Might I ask you just how many Cuban kids and adults Castro saved from death, that certainly the US would have arranged for them without the Cuban Revolution? Have you thought about that at all? We can look just at the improved Cuban medical system alone to see how Castro was personally responsible for helping save hundreds of thousands of Cuban lives, can’t we? If he had not drastically improved the Cuban medical system as he most certainly did, Cubans would have died in droves from the deadly effects of disease and malnutrition, as Latin Americans do even today throughout all the Latin American countries lacking a socialist economic system.

    I just think that you should consider in factors like these I just gave you. Castro was not Jesus Christ personofied at all, but he sure was a damn hell of a lot better than your typical national leader found all around today, who all still remain completely tied to supporting capitalism rather than correcting its many defects as best they can might be able to do.

  6. Avatar Pubilius says:

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: If faux activists like Tony & Eric spew mindless, illogical drivel, and no one cares enough to read it, is it still drivel?

    Justice for all?

    You have consistently shown that you really mean justice for all the useful idiots that drink your kool aid.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Question of the day for you, Pubilius… If a person writes a completely empty yet personally insulting comment, should anybody take a Right Wing shit like yourself seriously?

    Do you have anything other to say about anything other than that you think that other people with different opinions than your own are idiots? THE ANSWER IS NO THAT YOU DON”T. What does that say about your own educational level and about your own IQ even, that this is the best you can seemingly do? I mean, just how hard is it for you to actually say what part of what I wrote you consider wrong or bad? Are you scared that you can’t back up your thoughts with anything that looks even the least bit smart? Yes, I think that’s it.

    Justice for all means just that, Pubilius. It means that in the US some, such as myself, do not think that the Justice System produces that. Are you so damn out of it to disagree with us here? Wow! That is what the Occupy Movement is all about yet you don’t seem to get it. JUSTICE FOR ALL, and not just for those who are rich. (Oh, but then again you really never were with Occupy at all, were you?)

  8. Avatar anonymous says:

    What does this nmt article have do with occupy, I thought they were two different things or has Ocs become nmt.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Anonymous, NMT is completely separate from the Occupy Movement, but Pubilius is somebody who decided he hated Eric and I because we were active in Colorado Springs Occupy in a way that he disapproves. He’s a flag waver basically. That’s the reason for his last comment disparaging us in the way he always does.

    We get real sick of dealing with his sick and nasty personal hatreds. Perhaps if he laid off the booze and mj perhaps he would be a slightly saner guy???????

    It would be nice if everybody here would simply openly identify themselves at least with their first names, but they don’t. Why are so many of the Right Wingers who post here personally obsessed with a left wing site like NMT? Is it part of some sort of personality disorder that runs rampant on the Right side of the political spectrum?

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Anonymous seems to have lost total interest in asking us what we stand for? Anonymous, I have a question for you now….

    Anonymous, just what do you and the other writers hating me and Eric and others they connect with Not My Tribe… just what do you think that you are defending from us of the antiwar Left? What are you defending when you wrap yourselves in the flag of the US and pretend to be part of the national Occupy Movement at one and the same time?

    Why don’t you protest against capitalist USA when it produces so much misery all around you? Did you really think that the world Occupy Movement would be a pro capitalist movement as it struggled against injustice? Weird!!!!

  11. Avatar anonymous says:

    I never claimed to be occupy, but seen what you have done. You have Castro on this page, a dictator, communist, yet you guys stand for democracy. I actually think the occupy movement is dying, and frankly stupid at this point. Why go to Chicago to protest NATO. When NATO is talking about how to end the war in the next 2 years isn’t that what occupy wants is the war to end.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    For you, Anonymous, ‘democracy’ is nothing more than a ‘vote’ for Tweedle Dee /Tweedle Dumb come every corporate paid for candidate selection time. For you, ‘free speech’ is speech bought with bundles of dollars by corporations.

    However some of us, including the much maligned Fidel Castro, think real democracy has to do with what goes on in the economic sphere. Do you have free speech on your work site, Anonymous? Or does the boss? Does ‘your’ vote count there? Or is it the bosses vote that does? Does your real VOTE count anywhere really in our corporate dictatorship?

    What goes on on the job effects 40 hours each and every week of our adult lives, Anonymous? Are you even allowed to ‘vote’ on having a job, or not? Or is that up to the 1%? Isn’t it the 1% that actually decides if you live or die, if you eat or don’t? Not so democratic really…

    As to NATO? Do you really think that NATO is now headed to newly ending their constant US made and driven wars? You really believe that?

  13. Avatar anonymous says:

    Yeah I do considering the military is getting ready to cut thousands of soldiers I do, if Castro is such a great guy why was there such an increase of Cuban immigrants. I know my history. Democracy is when you get voted in not have it handed to you, the Castro family will run Cuba, thats not a democracy. Some jobs do allow you to vote incase you didn’t know, also if I have to buy free speech how much do I owe the government for this paragraph, wait that was paid for by our constitution and founding fathers.

  14. Avatar anonymous says:

    Btw the reason I don’t answer and probably won’t answer back is this site and its writer’s are crazy. You guys don’t know which way to swing, so you swing in whatever way suits your article and argument.

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yawn…. Calling people crazy always is the way how dull people respond to controversy and opposing views to their own, Anonymous. Do as you will, Sir.

    As to why there was such a large Cuban immigration to the South Florida and the New York City after the Cuban Revolution? Anonymous, why was there such a large immigration to Canada during and immediately after the American Revolution?

    Also, Fidel Castro led a revolutionary movement that overthrew a foreign supported Cuban dictator. George Washington kicked the king out of the colonies and was the largest landowner in the colonies at the time. Interesting that ‘our’ supposed democracy got started by a large slave owner who perhaps was a little worried that the King of England might hinder the slave trade that his plantations depended on to obtain slave labor. Don’t you find that part of our national mythology a little bit curious, Anonymous?

  16. Avatar Bob Yates says:

    Ayn Rand, who is an especially eloquent speaker, has some really good ideas. I feel like she could shed some light on this argument.

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