What good is a ‘Peace’ group when it allows itself to be bullied into silence?

‘Jorge Gonzalez, executive director of Coffee Strong in Lakewood (South Tacoma, Washington area) , called for a congressional investigation into why Fort Lewis-McChord’s leadership is failing its soldiers. The shop, located near the sewing center, provides counseling and other outreach to Lewis-McChord soldiers. The organization had planned a Monday night vigil for the victims of Sunday’s attacks but canceled it out of concern it would be seen as criticizing the Army and its soldiers.’ See Lewis-McChord soldiers concerned.

Sound’s like Coffee Weak, not strong, does it not? And just what good is a religious pacifist dominated ‘Peace coffee shop’ when it allows itself to be bullied into silence. This group, Coffee Strong, seemingly has much more solidarity with the US killing machine than they do for the victims of it. Sad… since nobody ever respects the message of so-called ‘Peace activism’ when the Peace people seemingly have no back bone, just like these people have shown themselves to really lack.

Yes, support the soldiers when they break away from the killing machine, Coffee Strong, but why support their o’ so sensitve feelings when they still are totally an integral part of The System? I cannot see any reason to support that at all. What makes a group FOR Peace is when they do criticize the Army. So do it then, and criticize the US army’s mission. Those troops who are antiwar completely will support you for having some back bone when you finally can get that.

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