What Is Really Happening in Syria?

Some are now beginning to ask this question, though to the thorough discredit of much of the Left and liberal US press, most of the people who should be mobilizing themselves in the streets against Obama and the US government cannot even discuss what’s going on, because of the censorship of so many Left and liberal websites by their nominally anti- US imperialist owners. So we ask, What Is Really Happening in Syria?

From this Middle East report…

‘Meanwhile, a very serious newspaper, the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Germany’s leading daily, has reported that the massacre was not carried out by the regime’s shabbiha after all but by anti-Assad Sunni militants. According to sources FAZ interviewed, the victims were almost exclusively from the Alawi and Shia communities. The gruesome events took place after rebel forces attacked three army-controlled roadblocks outside Hula. It was during the ensuing fire-fight of some 90 minutes that the massacre occurred. According to FAZ, the perpetrators then filmed their victims and, in videos posted on the internet, presented them as Sunni victims of the regime.

An independent investigation is clearly needed to establish which of these two versions is correct. It would not be surprising if both sides were found guilty of acts of savagery in what is fast becoming a sectarian civil war.’

Clearly the US government has used this one event to try to stampede support for a US military attack on the Assad government of Syria.

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