What the persecution and continued prosecution of Josh Carrier says about the craziness of Colorado Springs cops, its politicians, and its people

Let’s admit it- we live in one of the nuttiest cities of a crazy sick and sad society called the US of A. Nothing locally illustrates this more than the total idiocy of city officials regarding one of the city’s ex-cops, Joshua Carrier, who in an abuse of local policing authority fondled several high school boys at a local middle school of D-11, which is a nutty, sick and dysfunctional school district here.

The city prosecutor originally brought charges of around 150 felony accounts against Carrier for what really was a rather benign ‘sex crime’ (for nobody at the school really even thought what he did was weird at first), and a much more serious example of police abuse of authority. See here about the verdict in this earlier jury event of April this year… Josh Carrier Not Convicted On Most Serious Charges 21 Convictions For Child Porn, Not Guilty Or No Verdict On 186 Counts.

So what was the problem for the city that a ridiculous 21 convictions for one crime was not thought sufficient for the nutty people running this city and its police, and that therefore they had to retry Joshua Carrier yet again? Why did they feel the need to WASTE our municipal tax monies? Was it that Carrier had offended the Religious Right nut cases that abound in Colorado Springs? Does anybody really here believe that the man actually committed 150 felonies when he ‘inspected’ the genitalia of some boys in a Middle School athletic program with the full consent at the time of D-11 school authorities and Colorado Springs police, evidently too, since he was employed by them, also? Nobody at all seems to have thought to say that his ‘inspection’ program was wrong as he did it in full view of his own bosses!

Let this man go to prison a year or two and stop your sexual neuroses from running wild, you Right Wing nut cases of Colorado Springs who also happen to misrun this city in every other way imaginable. Carrier does not deserve to spend the rest of his life in our prison gulag eating up even yet more tax monies for what he actually did.

YES, we are a sick sick society and let’s throw some of our super misfit politicians and corporate thieves in prison before we allow them, with our complicit agreement, to place yet more time in there for Joshua Carrier, who is a miserable miscreant but not as miserable a jerk as our local politician morons are, including Mayor Back and the members of the city council. Let’s have some common sense and not let the cops and politicians degrade, in their persecution of one of their former not so finest, the whole idea of what a major sex crime actually might be.

It is simply a USA disgrace that our increasingly illegal ‘legal system’ is allowed to try and retry and retry the same cases over and over again when the cops don’t get the results they want from their juries!

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1 Response to What the persecution and continued prosecution of Josh Carrier says about the craziness of Colorado Springs cops, its politicians, and its people

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The city is going to pay out almost $20 million on Josh Carrier and D-11’s ‘big’ scandal! And each kid whose balls got ‘examined’ will get about $250,000.
    And how many men have let docs touch their balls for free?

    See? Everybody in the US can get rich! Especially the ‘victims’ who didn’t even complain at all at the time they ran into this funny little cop…

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