What type of creep helps US military in their occupation of his own country?

PROFILE OF AN IRAQI FRIEND OF THE PENTAGON- ‘(Jasim Mohammed Hassin) Ramadon was featured in “A Soldier’s Promise,” a combat memoir by Army First Sgt. Daniel Hendrex, published in 2009, that detailed his relationship with Ramadon as a teenager who risked his life to provide information to U.S. soldiers deployed in Husaybah, a town in Al Anbar Province of Iraq. During an interview months ago on KOAA-TV in Colorado Springs, Ramadon said his mother told him to help the Americans. When he tried to return, she told him he had to go back to the soldiers or be killed. His Army protectors said Ramadon ultimately turned over 40 insurgents to the Americans, including his father. (…) Several soldiers interviewed by KOAA-TV said Ramadon was brought to the United States for his help and he settled in Colorado Springs, where the Army unit was based at Fort Carson.’ from Iraqi hero among 5 arrested in Colorado Springs sex attack that left woman seriously injured.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I was hoping that somebody would point out that Ramodan was a mere young kid when the US military turned him into a fink. That’s a pretty big mitigating fact IMO. Because of that fact about his young age, I feel that this kid is perhaps as much a victim of the US war on his country as those he himself betrayed? His story really does point out the type of child abuse that US soldiers seem so prone to commit in the Pentagon’s foreign operations, all the time posing as ‘friends’ of the children.

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