When Miss Daisy is not pushing more bloodshed on Syria she likes to drink tea down on the Malawi tobacco plantations

Hillary is just too much for me! Her efforts to promote herself off to the American public constantly as being the supposed grand international womens’ advocate while simultaneousy advocating FOR more and more Pentagon wars is just even sicker than swallowing any 3 cups of poisoned koolaid laced cyanide tea might ever be! Accepting her US government pr imagery at face value will poison your mind, no matter how much sugar is put in the cup! Isn’t that right, Greg Mortenson (infamous author of Three Cups of Tea)?

Pentagon Hillary is Greg Mortenson is Pentagon Hillary is who can really tell anymore here? They are both Pentagon’s drag queens, Greg and Hillary… Uggalug! … But does the American public have to force fed this display by Hillary almost every other day? Get me Mitt Romney on the phone, PLEASE! I’d do almost anything to keep form seeing anymore of the Hillary Show! It’s just too damn nauseating!

See Hillary in Malawi… Clinton meets Malawi's Banda.

And Malawi has a problem with witchcraft already. Malawi govt says witchcraft based violence a concern ….Yeah, well…. Then don’t bring Hillary into town if your trying to protect people from witchcraft violence, Malawi! Trust us about this, Malawi. Hillary Clinton is a bad witch!

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3 Responses to When Miss Daisy is not pushing more bloodshed on Syria she likes to drink tea down on the Malawi tobacco plantations

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Just sent this link to this commentary to stop and go censored ‘North Star’ web site, which claims to be for discussion within the Occupy Movement but seemingly is always blocking it when it happens. Here is an example of what I mean////

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Pham, you keep almost as busy a schedule as Hillary Clinton herself does! Congratulations! Oops, where is she now? The press says she’s headed for Turkey the imperialist turkey will do later this week but right now she has been in Africa these last couple of days…. She’s practically co-Pentagon Commander in Chief these days, is she not, Pham? Wonder what she’ll be doing in Turkey, Pham? Planning that bombing of Syria you want for her to go about doing?

    I just got through writing about Hillary (Miss Daisy) today, too…. ‘When Miss Daisy is not out pushing to create more bloodshed in Syria she likes to spend some time drinking tea down on the Malawi tobacco plantations’ … Check it out, Pham! http://notmytribe.com/2012/when-miss-daisy-is-not-out-pushing-to-create-more-bloodshed-in-syria-she-likes-to-spend-some-time-drinking-tea-down-on-the-malawi-tobacco-plantations-836300.html

    Pham, you say here to Occupy Chicago what???? ‘ Our demonstrations against NATO’s military attacks on Ghadafi sent an even worse message: we wish NATO was not destroying the military forces Ghadafi sent to kill you.’ You told them it was reactionary to demonstrate against the pentagon and NATO?!!! And you did that in the name of being a marxist and socialist, too!!!!!! ????? You are one lost commie soul, Comrade. LOST…LOST…LOST.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Pham Binh works for the USG and The North Star is a government propaganda organ. It may be illegal for the USG to propagandize the U.S. public, but that doesn’t stop them from doing it.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Sorry, Anonymous, but I disagree completely with your analysis about North Star. The website seems to me to be run by marxism list’s owner, Louis Proyect. If he is not outright the owner of the site, he is definitely one major backer of North Star at least. Just cruise on over to marxism list to see what he does there, too, and with the support of many deluded marxists who also happen to be complete morons as well.

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