Who are you calling anti-soldier?

The pro-death contingent appear to have targeted Tribe as “anti-soldier”, imagine that if you will.  Just can’t BUY better publicity, but they’re giving it free of charge. They keep regurgitating the same vomit they’ve spewed last month, and the month before and the months before, ad infinitum, but they can’t be Pro-Death AND Pro-Life, be it of soldiers or the unborn. One of the most remarkable journalistic “oopsie” moments of the Operation Iraqi Freedom Removal was the admission live on camera, about two hours before the bombs started dropping and six hours before the official deadline, that the ONLY businesses open in Baghdad were gun stores and obstetricians.  Striking a triple whammy to Extremist Dogma.  

One point was that Saddam had kept women ignorant, like “our” allies in Saudi and Kuwait.  While insisting that a WOMAN epidemiologist (I’m terrible with names lately) nicknamed “Lady Germ” and, like Tariq Aziz, a christian, was doing advanced bio-terror… as advanced as, say, the US does.  Hmm… and all the OB-GYN DOCTORS, mostly women, just appeared out of nowhere, or were sent to US and British medical schools and returned voluntarily to the bad ol’ Islamist slavery…

The gun shops even EXISTING, far less being open at all…  kind of screams “LIARS!” at the NRA and fellow travelers.  They insist that tyranny can only be accomplished with an unarmed public.  The insistent and strident shrieks that “only the Ba’ath minority were armed!” should long ago have been drowned out by the sound of Shi’ite, Kurdish, and other non-Sunni gunfire.

Then there’s the reason all the OB-GYN DOCTORS were kept so busy… the knowledge gained from Luftwaffe, RAF and USAF statistics about the “spontaneous abortions” dramatically increasing during and after bombing attacks on civilian population centers.

Now, the Standard Warmonger Answer is that, clearly, Saddam was a “coward hiding behind civilians”, which begs the question, Were the USAF and RAF bases, and the airmen therein, “cowards, using the citizens of London and other cities as Human Shields”?

More pointedly, I was raised in the looming shadow of US (and RAF) based, some of the largest or most dangerous targets: Mendenhal RAFB, the Lackland-Fort Sam Houston-Laughlin and ten other major US bases in Texas’ complex, Carswell USAFB in Fort Worth which was the largest SAC base in terms of B-52 “nuclear umbrella” long range bombers, and the Fort Bliss-White Sands- Los Alamos_Holloman AFB complex in far West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Were they “cowards, hiding behind 20 million human shields”?

The Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo corridor host dozens of military bases, along with most of the population of Colorado, like Peterson AFB.

My Mom, my niece, her husband and their 4 kids, lived right at the end of the flight line, off base.  The planes on takeoff or landing would be maybe 200 yards up.  The front gate was across the highway, about a half mile “as the crow flies”, or a mile “as the dog trots”.  Across the street and down a couple blocks is Christa McCauliffe Elementary School and a day care center.  Were they, like the kids both born and unborn, of Baghdad, “held hostage, human shields for a brutal regime which invades other nations at will”?  Anti-soldier, or not?  

The reader will draw whatever conclusion the reader desires.

The Soldier him/herself is forbidden to hold or express questions of conscience.  As Bush and the Penta Goons said, the soldiers chose to enlist, right?  And any talk of an “economic draft” where they’re given but one choice, join of live in poverty… dismissed as Lefty Loon talk.

Except, of course, in the con job commercials where they tell impressionable youth, recruiters even showing up at Kindergarten and Sunday Schools functions, telling them repeatedly from potty training until their 18th birthdays (17 if their parents sign a waiver to enlist) that they have no chance.  That they are worthless on their own and the only way to rise above that is by selling their souls to the Recruiter.

Anti-American, Anti-Soldier propaganda?  Sure is, but it’s coming from the Penta Goon’s own badly boldly lying mouths, and echoed here, minus the sugar-coating.

The reader may decide and even utter Anti-American slur, shrill voices whining and sniveling, against any American who dares to resent and oppose being treated as a disposable and stupid dupe.

You might want to lay off the threats though.  Aside from badly Meth-ed up lunatics like Adkisson, Von Brumm, Roeder, Rudolf, Jared Laughner, the Warmonger Extremists are content to shriek their childish threats from behind lines of heavily armed Police-state Goon Squads… While seeking to deny a similar right to any Americans who happen to disagree. 

As to the references to Iraq, which many consider to be a closed book, well..

The Iraqi Army and Puppet Police are committing the same atrocities ascribed to Saddam, and Gaddafi, and the Ayatollahs and Syria, only backed by American money, troops and a guarantee of veto for any Security Council sanctions against their crimes.  In Iraq, as well as America, the protesters are branded Traitors and Insurgents, hustled away to Torture Chambers, shot, gassed and clubbed in the streets maimed or killed in the streets (like the IVAW guy who had his skull popped by the police-state “non-lethal” weapons”), punishments the Anti-Peace protesters have demanded for Eric and Jonah and Ed and Tony and Patty and Rita and anybody who DARED point out the Endless War as being propagated by LIES, at public expense and for purely the private gain of the Elitist 1%.

The same LIES about WMDs now being propagated against Iran, combined with one or two sentence sound bites from a very few Iranian clerics, their version of bitter toothless Extremists like the ones who infest City Hall, or Pat Robertson or Michelle Malkin or “Gunny Bob”, anti-American fanatics who demand, in the name of God and Freedom that we be punished, even KILLED, for using those rights, which they insist we were given by them.

Ant-Soldier, really?  Those who placed American soldiers into the range of Iranian or Indian or Chinese missile strikes, to threaten those nations into submission, are the Anti Soldier, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Americans.  Turn your wrath on the REAL enemy within.  The REAL murders of our military husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter.

We’re not the ones who lied to start the war, the meat grinder into which thousands of American Soldiers have marched to their deaths, and the literally countless soldiers wounded, and literally countless foreign soldiers and civilians killed or maimed.  Countless because the Warmongers don’t consider them worthy of being counted.

The WMDs were known by the Bu’ush Regime to be a lie, long before the first bomb fell on Baghdad.

And the same perverters of all things Holy or good, like the rabid dogs “Gunny” Bob and Malkin, Limbaugh and O’Reilly, Lamborn, the list is long…

These same wild-eyed fanatics said then, just as now, that we were “Anti-Soldier” for daring to oppose and expose their lies.

They have, once more in the name of the Prince of Peace, preached war and threaten to kick open the gates of Hell for friend and foe alike on holy days of Christians, Muslim and Jews.  Passover, Easter and the Hajj, all at one fell swoop.  American soldiers included, for the same agenda of greed and using the same pathetic lies.

Anti-Soldier, indeed.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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28 Responses to Who are you calling anti-soldier?

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    We miss you, Brother Jonah, and I hope that you are doing as well as possible under the circumstances. I am glad to see that you are writing at NMT once again and hope to see that continue in the future.

    Best wishes.

  2. Avatar anonymous says:

    The reason this site got called anti troop was due to your little buddies, not only writing but saying to active duty and vets baby killers white trash thugs, we all know the war was a lie don’t take it out on soldiers who know this, who want to fight for what is right to fix things, your collages don’t seem to care as they seem to be selfish people with hidden agendas. According to your collages you cannot be anti war yet still be patriotic about your soldiers that for a true revolution to work you need. The truth of the matter is war is hard on both parts it should be blamed on the corrupt government. What everyone is forgetting is when the recession hit thanks to politicians all that was left was to join the military, it was secure and fed your family when nothing else did. The true person at fault here is the politicians.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Anonymous, thanks for the lecture on how to make a revolution, as if you were trying to offer us nice advice and all. We here, Eric and I, were merely concerned (our hidden agenda according to you!) about exposing the killing machine and to expose some info about the often dubious people employed in the US military (people who ARE often trailer trash and petty criminal types like Sgt Robert Bales, and et al), but you had the genius to tell us not to mention any of that (it’s not patriotic and won’t help make the revolution!) and to instead concentrate only on the job needs of Americans, (who you tell us never have any options other than signing up in the military!)

    Thanks again, Genius! However, somehow I think that far from trying to make any revolution, you merely voted for Obama last time around, and may very well do just the same one more time. How can the unions… indeed the nation!…. survive without geniuses other than yourself? God Bless THEIR troops! …NOT.

    (Oh, and did I mention? Troops do kill kids. It’s just a fact of US military life, is it not?)

  4. Avatar anonymous says:

    I watched a whole generation left with no options to feed a family why do you think our military got so big, not all troops kill kids btw, its a fact of life people kill people. Look at trayvon, or casey anthony. I am not appluading the soldiers that do kill children, but I will not sterotype this nations military due to a few soldiers, just like I will not judge every mother in america for being a peice of shit like anthony, I will not judge any one wearing a turban or hijab as a terrorist. You see what I am saying your to quick to judge people off others actions, Do you think that zimmerman has the right to shoot trayvon? Your acting just like that, we all know he shot trayvon because he judged him for being black, your judging every soldier off a few.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Not at all, do I judge every soldier off just a few bad apples, Anonymous. For several years I and two other people did alone a weekly vigil out on Austin Bluffs and Academy together, and the other 2 were vets. In Corpus Christi Texas, I and a woman and another guy did an antiwar vigil in similar manner, and the other guy was a vet. Brother Jonah who writes here at NMT is a vet, too. The US military is huge and there are many many different types of people who have passed through it, or are in the process of doing so. I can see that. Not hard to do so either.

    The real people who have trouble with judging the military with clear lenses though, are all of those of you Right Wingers who want to merely label all the soldiers a grand group of heroes who are then to be hero worshipped by those who have stayed in civilian America instead of joining up with the Military Police State for whatever reason. This is a group of people who simply want to shut up all opposition to US militarism, which is HOLY supported by America’s Right Wing denizens. They want to silence those of us who are against the cult of the military that would have us all whitewash war criminality that is being engaged in, from the top of the government down to the more trailer trashy grunts of the Abu Ghraib prison guard platoon of soldiers and elsewhere. Not going to happen though, Anonymous.

    I do not judge the US soldiers all because of one or two bad apples at all. I didn’t even write about the trial going on in Colorado Springs this week, where a street kid was defending himself of murder charges, where he says that an active duty Fort Carson soldier (Now convicted of murder himself) had forced him to choose between two people to kill, or himself be murdered by the Fort Carson based soldier instead of one of the unkowns that he wanted blown away for kicks. Obviously, not each and every one of the members of the US military is a complete criminal like that soldier was. Still, one must ask why is it that so many of the US military do change from being petty criminals into becoming criminal monsters like Bales and this guy are?

    If you do not know about this story, go to the Gazette article about the trial I am talking about, Anonymous, @… ‘Trial under way for teen who pulled trigger in Wal-Mart killing’ April 04, 2012 http://www.gazette.com/articles/trigger-136280-friend-walmart.html#ixzz1rOZzZdzs

  6. Eric Eric says:

    I’m just sick of these illogical comments.

    Saying soldiers kill kids does not mean ALL soldiers kill kids. Perhaps you would agree that cats kill mice, and yet obviously many cats do not kill mice. Some prefer their cat food or weren’t raised by a mouser, for example. But the cat who kills is still the rule more than the exception.

    That said, I’ll try to say this slowly: Wars kill kids, some very explicitly target kids, airstrikes being a prevalent example. So if the US military kills kids, why should its employees pretend they aren’t all responsible?

    I suppose if they pretend they don’t know, they can pretend they didn’t have anything to do with it.

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Has any one ever thought we should look for the cause of why some soldiers do these things. From the reputation this site has gotten it is looked at as anti soldier due to the articles and things that was said, where is an apology to the soldiers who have done nothing wrong on this site, who you yourself have judge to all be the same. No where, I see shit about castro and people being nazi’s and the writer being proud of it. Not all soldiers are republican, or right wingers as you say. Some soldiers are hereos and deserve that title, some soldiers kill kids, some save kids, some go over to kill, some go over to save. I want to make it clear to be in the army you have to have a high school diploma and no felonys. No longer can you join any branch with out a degree and clean record. Keep that in mind before you call our soldiers criminals. Its war sometimes things happen americans and the other side gets killed sometimes by mistake. It happens like I said people kill people, the government should be blamed for all this not our soldiers. You have to understand how the military works before you expect

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    every soldier to take the blame for one.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What are you, Anonymous, thick in the head? We have repeatedly said quite the exact opposite of what you accuse us of saying.

    ‘From the reputation this site has gotten it is looked at as anti soldier due to the articles and things that was said, where is an apology to the soldiers who have done nothing wrong on this site, who you yourself have judge to all be the same.’

    No, Anonymous, all soldiers are not the same and we have never said that they were and we have said repeatedly that all soldiers are different from each other. So knock off the bullshit here, why don’t you. How many times do we have to tell you that the motivations and personalities of soldiers are totally varied for you to finally get the damn message that we have never said that all soldiers are the exact same?

  10. Eric Eric says:

    APOLOGIZE, are you flipping kidding me?!

    Show me one soldier who “has done nothing wrong” –I’ll go you one better– show me one soldier who HASN’T KILLED A KID and I’ll consider an apology.

    My guess is not many soldiers will self-nominate for being guiltless.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Most US soldiers would find it absolutely abhorrent to go out and kill a child personally, but find it quite OK to participate in a Pentagon killing machine that does it impersonally and at a distance. These seem to be the soldiers who don’t want us to talk about that though. They instead want us to call them ALL ‘heroes’, and think that because all the government bodies do so, and the corporate world does so, also, that indeed they must ALL be labeled by ALL of us as heroes ALL of the time. Anonymous is simply one of those bullies who wants to force us to do that, while at the same time mouthing stuff about how soldiers defend our Rights to Free Speech etc.

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Bradley Manning has never killed a child there is one where is an apology, where is an apology to the medics who save the children, and tony we all seen your video and what you imply about soldiers I heard there is a bounty for your job, its funny that even the antiwar protesters don’t want you around tony. I could probably find a lot of soldiers who have not killed a child, than again eric your family was part of the nazi party were they not? So maybe your confusing nazi soldiers who killed children with all american soldiers who went over to save jewish people, maybe that is why your so against the military, because your guilty for something your family did in the past.

  13. Eric Eric says:

    WE ALL OWE AN APOLOGY to Bradley Manning, from you probably more than I. Where were you when we paraded for his release last summer?

    I know many former soldiers, whom I like and respect, none of them expect an apology because they know the evil in which they had a hand.

  14. Avatar anonymous says:

    To proud to honor your word typical, Bradley Manning has done nothing wrong in terms of his constitutional rights,in terms of the military releasing information and videos like is aiding the enemy which he has broken military law, should he be treated the way he is being treated no he should not. Which should be the focus you and your colleges show no respect for the active duty you said you would apologize yet still to proud to do it, I expected a little bit more.

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Anonymous, you simply make us nauseated with your constant obsessive concerns about us supposedly needing to show more ‘respect’ for US soldiers. Do you think that the US soldiers themselves respect the other soldiers they themselves fight? I rather think that they do not. Do you, Sir Anonymous? No? Well then why not? What is so special about the US soldiers to you, and what is supposedly so unimportant to you about the other soldiers the US soldier fights? Explain it all to us, Dumb Shit.

    Is it only the US soldiers that you are so concerned with having us show ‘respect’ for as it certainly does seem to be? Are do we also need to all be paying more respect to all those Iraqi, Palestinian, and Afghan soldiers, too? IMO, those soldiers are the ones who get the least amount of respect… don’t you agree, Right Wing Asshole?

  16. Eric Eric says:

    Oops, there’s no confusing the nauseating grammar of “and tony we all seen your video” with any other Right Wing Asshole but RAVEN. How could I have missed the run-on punctuation to which Raven resorts when she thinks she’s disguising her voice in multiple Facebook accounts?

    Gotta love those gotcha leading questions she learned from Court TV: “your family was part of the nazi party were they not?”

    Not. Go away Raven, your sophistry is simply a bore, and uneducable.

  17. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    There’s nobody more who sounds like a Nazi than Raven herself when she gets onto bashing ‘The Jews’. PLUS, I no more think of her as being helpful to Bradley Manning’s cause than I think of ‘Anonymous’ really being antiwar in any meaningful way either.

    Raven is not antiwar at all. She is pro American militarism. Where has she been if she is such a ‘Peace’ advocate? Why so MIA, Raven? It takes a little bit more than just knowing that there is a guy named Bradley Manning in the Pentagon’s brig….. What else did you ever do, Raven to demonstrate any real antiwar passion? You’re too busy heaping hate on others for supposedly disrespecting American soldiers, aren’t you? That’s all of your ‘Peace activism’, isn’t it?

    Not much substance there to you, ‘Anonymous’. It’s pretty sick listening to you try to Nazi bait another individual. Wish we had some of your little verbal quotes about ‘Jews’ to let others see what we have seen from you already…. You are the last person in the world that should ever be Nazi baiting others, of all things! Sad stuff…. Just because Eric has a dad originally from a country OCCUPIED by Nazis in WW2 does not make anybody a NAZI today… 2012! Idiot!

  18. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Really how funny you always accuse people or shall I say assume things you are also known for, you won’t man up ad apologize and you have never been to war so yeah here is shocker afghani troops and american troops work together all the time. They respect each other. Honor your word like you said you would and apologize to the soldiers you stereotype off a few soldiers or do you not have the balls to do that?

  19. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Are you really as witless and uninformed as you constantly come off as being, Raven? It’s simply hard to believe that you actually think that Afghan soldiers and occupation US soldiers are all buddy buddy like…. Is that what you think happened in Iraq, too? The US troops and Iraqis all endeared themselves to each other? …lol…

    ‘ …here is shocker afghani troops and american troops work together all the time. They respect each other.’

    Get a life, Dear. We ‘respect’ you and your soldier buddies now. We really do! It’s just that we also know that you and them aren’t no Albert Einsteins when it comes to knowing what’s really going on out there in the big wide world. Especially with those Right Wing nitwitter soldiers you seem to hang around with all the time.

    Some soldiers are smarter than others but you pick the dumbest of the lot, it seems? How’s that? Maybe they like Right Winger bimbos like yourself, I might guess…. Easy to get to know with you loving their shiny bright uniforms. Right?

    (I would feel your pain a little bit more if you weren’t such a rattlesnake, Raven.)

  20. Avatar RAVEN says:

    I have been more than busy dealing with the issue of surveillance cameras in Colorado Springs. I have not even read this blog till I receieved a message today informing me that you all were falsely accusing me of something, yet again! Get over yourself, I have better things to do than spend my life worried about what you all have to say.

    As for “Anonymous” and the rest of the spineless idiots who constantly hide behind a computer when they voice their opinion, GET A BACKBONE and stop using me as an out! “Anonymous” if you truly believe in everything you say, then you should have no probloem revealing who you are! I know people dont always agree with me, but I dont care because it is what I believe, therefore, I have no problem saying it and letting people know it is me! As long as one writes anonymously, their words hold no credit! If you say those things because you TRULY believe it, then you would want it to hold credit, therefore, you would say it under your name! Otherwise, it appears that you are in it for the drama!

    You all have fun on here, I am busy doing things!

  21. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Raven, I am glad that you are speaking out against installing police cameras in downtown. Good for you.

    If you are not actually the ‘Anonymous’ then I am certainly willing to apologize to you if we took you for somebody who you are not. How would we know that though, since you happen to have the exact same opinions as the ‘Anonymous’ does? Did ;Anonymous’ say anything that you actually disagree with? Please inform of us of that, if indeed that should be the case.

  22. Avatar RAVEN says:

    First off, I would have to go back and read everything they wrote. Like I said, I received a message about this crap a little bit ago, I read the last couple of comments pertaining to me, and I replied.

  23. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well take your time in reading Anonymous’s comments on this thread, Raven. It’s not that much really. Once again, if we mistook you for somebody else we do apologize for that.

    However, do you actually disagree with anything that was being said by Anonymous on this thread? If your opinion is the exact same as ‘Anonymous’ opinions then one can see how we might have thought that it was you posting.

  24. Avatar RAVEN says:

    I Support Our Troops at Home and Abroad! I respect the brave men and women who voluntarily fight for my right to sit here and share my opinion with everyone, its called Free Speech! It is NOT free speech when someone pretends to be someone they are not. If people dislike me, or I lose with credit with people because of my views, that is fine, as long as they are MY views. It has been alleged that the person writing under the name “Anonymous” is me, which is wish to lose FALSE! I do not wish to lose credit or be judged by what “Anonymous” has said. Therefore, I looked over that persons comments and would like to point a few things out that I disagree with:

    I do not support the whole argument of people joining the military simply as a job. I look at it differently, I believe that most soldiers join the military with good intentions, and only after they are in, do they realize what the government is doing. At which point, they still have a job to do if they wish to stay alive or out of Leavenworth.

    I definetly would not have brought Trayvon Martin into the picture, I am tired of hearing about that situation. Until there is some actual proof either way, that situation is dead.

    Whether I think she was guilty or not, Casey Anthony was found innocent in the court of law, therefore a BAD example to use, and not something I would have brought up.

    One can join the Army even though he/she has a felony on their record, it is called a “waiver” and I watched as many of those waivers were issused post 9/11 to boost numbers. However, I would say that it is less likely to get a waiver currently, as the military has goals of decreasing troops by 80,000. Also, one CAN join the military withOUT a High School Diploma, they would however, require a GED.

    There are other things “Anonymous” mentioned that I disagree with as well. Anonymous, you sound like someone who has read my comments in the past, and not fully understanding what I meant, you are trying to use them as your own. It was mentioned that one must understand how the Military works, well Anonymous, I can say that you do not!

  25. Avatar RAVEN says:

    I do not paint all soldiers to be “Angels”, I just see the bigger picture! Here is something I wrote previously, it can be found on my FB:

    I have encountered many people lately who claim to be “anti-war” protesters, who have questioned my support of American Troops, as well as telling me that I am ignorant for doing so. They have tried to tell me that the soldiers are bad people, but I will defend our troops to the end:

    I support the troops! However, I do not support the way our men and women are treated by the very government that cuts their orders. Those who decide to send our troops to war sit comfortably by as they present the people with a fictional story created to justify their actions.

    Our men and women receive their orders and unselfishly follow them with dreams of how they are creating a better life for people around the world, how they are ensuring a future for their children, and how they are protecting the friends and family they are forced to leave behind. Once in country, they begin to realize that their dreams have turned into nightmares. But what choice do they have, what is the alternative to following orders, death by friendly fire? Military Prison? An alternative is presented, “suck it up and stop thinking about it”. The soldier thinks, hmmmm, “if that is what will get me home where I can fight for real change, then so be it”. I will spare you the horrific details of the many situations a soldier will encounter while in country.

    Twelve months later, walking down the ramp and looking into the crowd standing near holding signs, flowers, and balloons, he looks for his family. He has been dreaming the whole flight home of how great it will be to hug his wife and daughter again, but when he is finally able to walk over to them, he hesitates, why? She grabs him with so much joy she can not hold back the tears, and the only thought in her mind is how she never wants to let go of him. She feels whole again, and wants to shower him with every ounce of love she possesses. All the sudden, she feels him start to pull away, why? “Did I squeeze him too tight” she wonders? But he continues to pull away, she is so overwhelmed with joy that she dismisses it as “jet lag”. Later that evening at home, she is so anxious to serve his every need, she wants to make him feel “at home” again. He wont allow it, he is demanding to do everything for himself, why? She expresses her feelings to him, he hears her, but does not understand. He did not notice anything wrong with his actions, but he does wonder why he does not feel comfortable in his own home? He continues to notice a feeling of “being out of place” but continues with daily life, hiding these thoughts deep inside. During the nights, he wakes up drenched in sweat after a night full of twitching and nightmares. Finally, one morning his wife sits him down during breakfast and expresses her concerns, she asks what she can do to help him? His response, ANGER, he jumps from his seat and begins to yell, standing by the sink his wife is in shock as he has never spoke to her in such a manner. She drops the plate she is holding into the sink where it breaks, CRACK, and in an involuntary response the soldier dives at his wife throwing her on the ground covered by his body. His response is one of protection, acceptable on a battlefield under attack, but they were standing in the kitchen of their own home, therefore making this action a crime. But is it really a crime, his actions were exactly what he had been trained to do, his intent was to protect his wife?

    The very government that trained a man to be a soldier, will now prosecute that soldier for trying to live as a man! It took tons of training to ready a man into a combat ready soldier, does it not make sense then that it would take equally as much training to ready a hardcore soldier into being a man? Who is the real criminal here? The man made soldier who only wishes to protect and serve, or the government that uses human beings like pawns in a chess game and if that pawn happens to survive, then they are simply left to “fend for themselves”? I ask you one last question, how long would a completely untrained man last on the battlefield?

  26. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It is obvious, Raven, that you are very passionate about defending the US soldier from those who might want supposedly to attack him/ her. I assure you that I am not against any soldier simply due to him/ her having joined up in the US military. I think it a bad decision TRUE, but that does not make me want to hate or diss them for what they have done with their lives by joining up.

    On the other hand, I do not really believe that they are fighting for my ‘freedom’ or for me in any significant way, nor do I think that the US soldier is automatically due some huge extra measure of EXTRA respect. I do not support bumping up the military people until a special sort of higher caste in our US class system.

    Once again, I apologize to you for confusing you with whoever ‘Anonymous’ might be? Why on earth does anybody feel the need to not use their name when writing to NMT with the sorts of views that Anonymous has expressed? It is not like any of us have expressed any desire to do any of you any harm, unlike what we have received from many who have disagreed with our own opinions about politics.

    I agree totally with you that the government has a great desire to divide and stratify us against each other, Raven. We should all at least try to be civil to each other even when we have major disagreements about issues.

  27. Avatar brittany says:

    Raven maybe its them posting as anonymous to get more ratings for their page since no one cares anymore

  28. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Brittany, I have full faith that you, Jeremy, and Raven are mobilizing yourselves in total and non-stop opposition to the threats of the US government/ Pentagon to further expand the Middle East fighting into Syria and Iran with military interventions by the US and Israel. Your antiwar activism is inspiring to all of us!

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