Who in the world really suffers from PTSD?

PTSD has become the designer ‘mental illness’ for the Pentagon and Washington elites who design the multitude of US wars abroad in foreign lands. As a result, the corporate US media works full time to convince the American public that only US soldiers as agents carrying out the US generals plans could ever have such a reaction to war time trauma, and not the actual victims of US government foreign policy/ militarism who are never ever mentioned as suffering any ill effects at all.

We all civilians are then encouraged to help the US soldiers cry crocodile tears about their supposed sufferings at the hands of just whom? Is it at the hands of people who defend their own countries from US military occupation? Funny how that question is never ever asked.

Not only Iraqis and Afghans suffer the real PTSD instead of our pampered US military VOLUNTEERS, but victims of all military occupations suffer PTSD as well, since they are often times totally helpless victims of wartime aggression by occupier troops. Palestinians suffer PTSD on a much more gargantuan scale than any US troops ever do, or their allies the Israeli occupier army ever do for that matter. And here, illustrated in a commentary in Asia Times, is an example of another world forgotten people victimized by an occupier army… See Kashmir: the mental price of conflict.

Every time I hear the nauseating insinuation that US troops are the real victims of PTSD on mass scale, I want to throw up. What a total crock of bullshit! The German Nazis never came up with this sort of large dump of crap in WW2. Can you imagine the German people of the ’40s ever weeping about how the Nazi troops being deployed occupying other countries were psychologically traumatized by their activities? Then why and how do the American public fall for the nonsense that US troops are all fragile sufferers of trauma? They simply are not! They are the ones who are traumatizing, not the victims of trauma. So let’s get real now; it simply is not the case that our Americans signing up voluntarily to go kick other countries around are all mass victims in some way. America needs to grow up and face the fact that we are the guilty ones in messing over other peoples, and not the other way around.

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4 Responses to Who in the world really suffers from PTSD?

  1. Avatar Steve says:

    You really have no moral character, do you? Have you ever been abroad to gain any perspective of how good we really have it in The USA? I doubt your simple mind could comprehend it, if you had. Fortunately, you are so far fringe extreme left that your flawed reasoning and apparent psychoses isn’t even appealinv to the far-left.

    I think it’s obvious why you hate the military…because you are such a self-aware coward that you realize that you never had the balls to be in the military. You are an angry little little wo-man. Petty, simple, irrelevant excuse for a citizen. Better yet, you should probably leave our country and live in a place that you currently deem eutopic. I’d put everything I own on the fact that you’d be “crying crocodile tears” within the week

    Way to take advantage of the fact that you wouldnt have the right to voice this ridiculous opinion but for the men and women who have died to protect that freedom. You know…the old liberal montra. Simpleton.

  2. Avatar Safiyyah says:


    “You really have no moral character, do you?”

    Well Steve, he obviously has much more of a moral character than troops who go in other people’s country and murder them , laugh and piss on their dead body; but of course by doing this they are protecting my freedom of speech and they are our heroes- WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! Exactly how are soldiers serving this country? They go and murder people, vandalize anti-war activists homes and threaten physical violence- that’s you’re idea of protecting free speech?

    “I think it’s obvious why you hate the military…because you are such a self-aware coward that you realize that you never had the balls to be in the military.”

    You idiot , he didn’t join the military, because he wanted to “Serve his country” and not MURDER people along with putting the cause of killing someone before giving healthcare, education, social security, and food to people in the U.S.A. and the world. Furthermore, people that join the military are the cowards, that rather kill people than work and not get benefits like the rest of the U.S.A. You right wingers parade yourself as if you have first hand knowledge of being in the military and “serving your country” and how horrible the rest of the world is and how fucked up it is. I have been out of the country and you know, it is fucked up- because the military went in and bombed and murdered the hell out of them… You’re right, most of the world is fucked up and it’s because of “our heroes”. Not only do soldiers wage war on freedom of speech in other countries but against it’s own country- I have no reason to thank a soldier for murdering people, threatening people and acting like thugs.

    Are you brain dead? If you payed some attention you’d realize that soldiers, in the news, just killed 9 children in Afghanistan while laughing, fractured a babies skull- got nine months and in one case tried to paralyze someone so he could watch his mom being MURDERED.

    And you guys are always saying we don’t show respect for troops. Why Should we? I find it a disrespect to have TROOPS go in other people’s country, Murder them, rape them, and tear up families. Did you ever stop to think how those people feel, you know the ones that are the VICTIMS OF THE USA SOLDIER and military. Soldiers are the ones that should apologize for being not only disrespectful but MURDERERS.


  3. Avatar James says:

    First of all, you ought to know that the level of PTSD suffered by troops of every side during world war 2 was awful. The reason you do not hear about it is because PTSD was not a diagnosed condition that could be recognized by the medical community. Also, you should know that a comparison of the German and French formal warfare to that of Afganistan’s mountain assymetrical warfare is laughable. We’re not a bunch of roses here in the US and with our foreign policy–I’ll give you that. But you views on the nature of joining and serving in the military are hilariously normative. Intellectual honesty, get some

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Other than silly babble exhorting us to have ‘intellectual honesty’ and to claim that our views are ‘hilariously normative’ you sure have said a whole lot of nothing, James. Oh wait, isn’t that intellectual pretentiousness of yours nothing more than ad hominem stuff saying that you don’t like us for being anti-military in your opinion? Well boo-hoo-hoo.

    And ‘PTSD’ was not a diagnosed condition in 1945 because we didn’t have a military industrial welfare state established like we do now. Our poor little boys and girls! Let’s put them on the dole for a lifetime paid by the civilians of the country, shall we?

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