Who is Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali really?

As the Pentagon and D.C. cover up for US Sgt Robert Bales and his US soldier comrades who murdered a dozen and a half people including over half being children, they have continued with yet another antiMuslim show trial against several hapless immigrant, former New York City cab drivers who have been accused of conspiracy to launch a terrorist attack on the New York City subways. At the center of this trial though, is a man the US government openly has spirited out of the US to Saudi Arabia! He is ‘Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali’. …Why is this man being kept hidden away by the US government while being allowed to roam completely free to any US public observation?

According to the scam who ‘Imam Ahmad Wais Afzali’ is behind, the accused ringleader of this supposed terrorist plot in the making (questioned by nobody hardly inside the US) is alleged to be Najibullah Zazi, a young immigrant who had lived with other immigrant relatives of his in Aurora, Colorado, of all places! The US government now has Zazi begging for mercy for HIS DAD, who is held as bait to get Zazi to confess to all sorts of hideous, US government alleged conspiracies, most of them seemingly totally written up in scripts created by the US government itself, to anybody who might have paid even a slightly critical ear to the trial proceedings INSIDE THE US PRESS.

Here is the latest installment of the Pentagon SHOW TRIAL against the hapless Mr. Zazi… Homegrown Bomb Plot Is Rarity for Open Court

How much of this scenario is purely Pentagon written fiction, and how much might actually have some truth behind it? We, THE PUBLIC, can hardly ever begin to know. What we do know though is that the Pentagon coverup of Sgt Robert Bales and his hidden away soldier comrades continues. Bales was involved in a definite terrorist attack on civilians, while Zazi and friends can only be alleged to have been planning such an atrocity. And behind the latest show trial is the mysterious Pentagon hiding away of ‘Imam Ahmad Wais Afzail’, who took off for Saudi Arabia and has not been heard of since!

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