Why don’t the US troops respect the troops they fight against?

I have been personally exhorted time after time here in Fort Carson Springs for supposedly not respecting enough our sacred US icons, ‘the troops’. But let us for a moment see just how respectful ‘our troops’ are for the troops of other societies? Here is today’s Los Angeles Times with an article and accompanying photographs of US troops laughing and joking as they handle and pose with torn up body parts of enemy combatants of the country that the US government has these US troops occupying. U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers

These US troops do not exactly show the greatest respect to ‘troops’ themselves, now do they? Meanwhile, their stupid commander in chief, Democratic Party boss Barack Obama, has been like the Pope himself, condemning American military for bringing Colombian whores to his Cartagena Party. Now he no doubt will continue to prepare for the next US military aggression he orders ahead, while muttering a few words of disapproval about these photos of US troops schmucking it up with pieces of Afghan bodies in hand. And most Americans will ignore much of this, and go about shopping if they still can??? We are one sicko society at this point in our history. One day in the future Americans will be ashamed about how we are acting now at the current time. But that’s ahead for us….

I, today, have only the utmost contempt for the Right Wing fools who have tried to get me fired from my job and harassed my family by committing acts of stalking and petty vandalism of my property, all supposedly because I do not respect ‘the troops’ good enough for them. I suggest that these trolls begin to pay some attention to how THEIR (not mine!) US troops do not respect the troops that they fight against. These US troops are not WARRIORS in the ancient indigenous sense at all, but nothing more than common ordinary US terrorists agents operating on other peoples’ soils. Hard to respect that very much now, even if we continue to respect the many individuals who mistakenly have found themselves doing this US military dirty work while thinking that somehow they might be ‘fighting for America’. They found themselves fighting for American corporation rule over the world instead. Time for them to stop throwing rocks at me and for these folk to start doing some real soul searching about themselves.

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