Why so many crazies are loose in the US killing so many innocent people… and Have a Happy New Year, America!

An autistic youth with a gun nut Mom goes into an elementary school and kills kids in mass, and the NRA can only suggest putting cops with guns in ALL schools, including elementary schools! CRAZY! Crazy NRA and crazy USA. And a woman pushes a man to have him run over by a subway in New York because he was supposedly a Muslim in her sick sick head. Where did all this craziness in the US come from and when did it start?

The imperialism and war making of the US government is the source of all this killing and bloodlust of the US population. Don’t believe it? Then check out ths news article from the BBC reporting about a man allowed to LEGALLY immigrate to Florida to live with us in the US, as the US government hunts other would be immigrants down as if they were mere stray animals. See An international arrest order has been issued for one of the alleged leaders of the death squad, lieutenant Pedro Barrientos Nunez, who lives abroad (in Florida)!

The crazy killing comes from our own US government and is blowback from all the militarism and wars that much of the US population seems to be so comfortable forever waging on behalf of US corporate world- US corporate government dictatorship that rules over all of us. We are a deeply mentally ill society killing others, killing ourselves, and killing off the ecology of the entire planet.

Have a Happy New Year, America. You need help.

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