With PRI’s Nieto put into presidency, Mexico continues its downward spiral into Made-in-US ‘drug war’ chaos

The PRD says that the boss’s candidate didn’t win once again. Some things never seem to change in Mexico, and corruption is one of them. What makes Mexico so corrupt? Perhaps it is that the Mexican business community has sold the patria out to the gringos? And now with PRI’s Nieto put into the presidency, Mexico is truly now continuing its downward spiral into Made-in-US ‘drug war’ chaos. Nobody likes the PRI back in power and that will be shown in days soon to come. The US made violence in Mexico eventually will begin to boomerang back north as well. Nobody won in Mexico’s ‘election’. Nobody wins with the Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum ‘choice’ of PAN or PRI. Mexico needs real democracy same as we need it too, in the USA. Two corporate parties being those that are only allowed to win is not a democracy.

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