YO SOY 132 – A look at Mexico’s ‘Occupy Movement’

Just like the huge student-led uprisings in Quebec that the US media didn’t bother to cover, so too the corporate US media is not covering the rise of a new Mexican Student Movement mobilizing itself right before the Mexican presidential elections this July 1. That’s because the US government is FOR a return to national power of the PRI political party, which formed the longest running dictatorship in the world until the US forced it to share some of its power with the PAN party of Fox and Calderon. And the students in Mexico are decidedly not for this return to national office of the PRI that the corporate media in their country is cheering for.
Yesterday, the YO SOY 132 Movement held demonstrations around Mexico, with the largest being in Mexico City of 90,000 people. It was demonstrations originally in Guadalajara of this size that helped begin the formation of YO SOY 132 nationally. Here is al-Jazeera’s coverage of the new Mexican student protests: Election Protests Spark Mexico's Youth Awakening.

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