Young people have abandoned any HOPE for CHANGE about Obama

Obama’s ‘pragmatic’ reactionary values has lost him the enthusiasm that the youth once showed for him. As a result he might just lose to a complete loser of a candidate that the Republicans stuck themselves with. Incredible that such a creep as Mitt Romney might soon be in charge of the Empire…. an Empire that borders on the psychotic now. America where the only value given by ‘our leaders’ is to the dollar sign… Not that it matters any, about the national presidential election, since the Democrats and Republicans work hand in hand together against the American people anyway. We would have to get rid of both these rotten corporate groupings to get rid of either party for good. It’s just Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on the see-saw as it is now. See: Obama looks to young voters, many of whom seem uninspired. Most young voters, like those in the battleground state of Colorado, back Obama, but fewer of them seem inclined to cast ballots compared with 2008.

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